Are kilts a definite no

I’ve been going some research and have come across the Scottish Great kilt (or pleated kilt), I know the brief says that kilts aren’t worn, but the multi functional use and simplicity of the Great kilt seem very Navarr, from what I’ve read.
My plan is to have one in a solid green, opposed to a tartan pattern to not come across to over the top.
Is this cool, or will it still be to out of place?

In the FAQ it says war skirts are fine, but no tartan, so you’ll probably be ok. Just avoid anything that, at a glance, looks ‘Celtic’.

I think the difficulty here is that the pleats (not just the tartan) are part of what makes kilts distinctive as kilts rather than as skirts/war skirts. The FAQ says no tartan, but also does specifically state “players should take care to avoid kilts”.

As with a lot of things like this, your best bet is probably to contact PD directly by email and ask.