Armour style guidance

I play Kallavesi in Wintermark and I’m considering trying to make some leather armour to go over the top of chain mail in this style:

I would be embedding feathers,“bird bones”, runes and fur within the armour style, however given that I understand that split amour is more on brief with Varushka I’m concerned it may look off brief for a Wintermark Kallavesi.

Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the leather, feathers, fur, bones and runes will work well. I don’t think the chain mail would really fit. You could probably have a bit showing but you want I would say hide a much of it as you can. If you look on the wiki, you will see there is an image of someone wearing chainmail but it looks like that you can only see it covering their arms and the rest is hidden under cloth or fur or what ever it is.

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but armour still effects you in empire, even if everyone can’t see it so maybe just make your costume as if the chainmail isn’t there and just wear it underneath it all when you go into battle.

I hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
My concern isn’t really about the chain mail as its pretty on brief as Heavy Kallavesi warriors can wear chain under fur and leather “When they want heavier armour, they favour leather or fur over mail.” and that’s what I’m intending to do.

Its more about the leather armour I’m going to be wearing over the top of the chain (Link above) that I’m concerned about as the split/lamellar armour style is more on brief for Varushka.

It looks fine to me. I think that with empire, as long as it looks the part, people will be fine with it. I’ve added a few things to my costume not from my nation but I’ve made up by building around it and so it works. As long as you don’t include things that really don’t work or are against the brief (horned helmets or immaculate robes that the dawnish might wear) , you will have no problem.

With armour, just because a certain style is associated with a certain nation, doesn’t mean another nation can’t wear it. Wintermark, Varushka and Highguard share certain aesthetics so it is natural if you see pieces of clothing from one nation in the other. Also I know of someone from Navarr who is going for the lamellar style of armour because it fits in with the less rigid and uniform way of the Navarr, a bit more than chain and plate.

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As a former Varushkan, your concern is appreciated! While lamellar, especially coats and tunic-style, is iconically Varushkan, it is definitely one of the cases where there is an amount of brief overlap - even setting aside that with expensive items like armour, we should be a bit more forgiving with the brief. As Rong said, it wouldn’t be out of the question for some nations to be wearing a Varushkan-looking set of lamellar, even if it wouldn’t be unreasonable or out of character to look at that character and think “Varushkan?”

However, with the touches you’re proposing, I don’t think you have to worry about that at all. The linked image looks super Kallavesi to me and I wouldn’t mistake armour like that for any other brief. Try to avoid Varushkan touches - make sure your bones look like those of animals rather than monsters, use Wintermark runes rather than Varushkan virtue animals for decoration, make sure fur looks rugged and natural rather than neat, expensive-looking trim. Feathers are a sure-fire Kallavesi signifier that will set you apart from Varushkans immediately.

Thanks again for thinking about this. Keeping briefs distinct helps everyone feel special and preserves our national identities.


Perfect, Thats folks :slight_smile:

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One thing to watch out for is that armour has to not have any protruding edges, spikes etc that could rip weapons or more importantly, players. Therefore consider how you’re attaching bones and the like. I’m assuming from “bird bones” you mean resin cast or 3d printed fakes, which is a good way to make them more sturdy.

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