Artisan, picking items?


So, I’ve decided to pick Artisan for my first event, however in the character creation menu it comes up with four items under resource and I’m a little confused. Are these items that the artisan knows how to make or items that they start with? If so any suggestions as to what I should pick as I know they cannot make everything. Additionally how does an artisan learn new items? Because when I choose which items not all are available.


I believe it’s both… i believe you get those items free at the start and can make them in future while adding to them with exp. but an artisan would be able to tell you better and more accurately


That seems a little OP tho…


From the wiki:

You can learn to make extra items by purchasing the “Extra Item” skill, it costs 1xp to learn any one item.


Well it would, but for a couple of things…

The items you start with as a new Artisan are spread out along the power curve. You aren’t starting with the top 4 most awesome items in the game, by any means.

Artisan items only last a year (artifacts are different). You can’t stockpile a huge hoard of magic swords…

They represent your past portfolio, and aren’t all made at the same time. So the most powerful one will only last an event or so, while the others last a little longer.

I found it useful to make items that my character wanted, so he turned up well-geared, and then spend a certain amount of game replacing them throughout the year, and making extras to sell to people.

Happy to discuss this further :slight_smile:


will i get more XP the events that i attend and how would i go about gaining knowledge on how to create the top tier items?


You get 1 xp on your first event and then another one on your third and so on. I think you get to pick one of the top tier items as your fourth choice and or when you pick another item to be able to make.


Slight clarification. You choose 4 recipies to start with. One of these (the one you DON’T get made for free at the start) can be any level of item. Including the very powerful ones.

And IWillGetThingsRong is in fact correct this time, in that buying the skill Extra Item allows you to pick anything off the list.

Note that as there’s hundreds (?) of recipies, some will be popular and made by many artisans (Warriors Plate, for instance), and some may not have a single person on the field able to make them…


Have I been wrong very often in the past (other than with the bow stuff)?


Also this will be as useful link:

If you look down at the side their will be the names of the categories of items e.g. Dagger. These are links that take you to a page which shows you which magic items can be made for this category.


A good suggestion is to take cheaper items with your 4 item limit and even only select 3 items to allow you to pick your 4th after some in game research.