Ashenhall - New Group for September?

Hey folks,

I just posted on the Wintermark FB group, but felt it was worth crossposting here as well. :slight_smile:

I’m part of a new (albeit small) group of three who will be attending our first Empire event in September (we just spent today making and buying kit) and want to be part of the greatest Nation around. :wink:

To give you an idea, we’re a group of mixed LARP Experience but we’re all experienced Roleplayers and very friendly! :slight_smile: For this event it will myself and two male friends, we’re hoping to convince wives, girlfriends and buddies to join us in the future. :wink:

I’ve seen a few posts about new groups. We have a fairly good idea of what we want to go for, we just want to make sure it doesn’t clash with anything. I’ve included some details below;

The community of Ashenhall was once a small traders village in Skarskind, in the Gulhule region. Upon the invasion of the Barbarians forces the village was decimated and burnt to the ground, many of the community fled into the mines owned by the ruling Thane however not all were so fortunate.

For the duration of the occupation, the group hid and survived in the mines, striking out to forage or scavenge what they could. Once the Empire reclaimed Skarskind, the community has emerged and has begun to rebuild their lost home, now deciding to send a small number of traders, hunters and warriors to obtain resources, learn of recent events and begin to find their new place in the world and within the nation.

Our current characters are planned as;

Brynjolf - A Runesmith who lost his wife and daughter in the attack, along with his left eye. He now dedicates himself to rebuilding the community and forging weapons and armour to trade and equip the communities warriors. Protective and stoic, he is the least brash of the group.

Volfe - A hunter and woodsman who was solitary and independent, he lost his family in the attack and instead became dedicated to healing and avoiding violence where possible. Now he journeys with Bynjolf to help gather materials and learn of what has happened in the Empire.

Halfstan (Name to be confirmed) - A relative of the Hall’s Thane, but not an heir, a bold warrior with a passion for Skalds/Skops and tales of great hero. Pressured into becoming a warrior, he put aside his passions and has become a protector for the group.

For our group’s Oath we are considering something like; “From the embers of the old, a blade can be forged to avenge the lost and defend the new”

We’re definitely focusing on being more of a real community that has managed to survive, so not a big military force. We’re going to be focusing more on economical and services more than anything (I’m taking Artisan and Business for example), I know this may not give us a lot of “clout” in terms of politicking, but it’s more our sort of group. :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to hire a tent for the event, something small that gives us a place to hang and store gear and as mentioned, we’d going to try and pull some IRL friends to expand the group for next year.

If you have any questions, or advice, please let us know and we look forward to meeting you all in September!


Welcome to the pride of the empire guys :slight_smile:

All that sounds good. Make sure you contact PD with your background as well, they are usually good at giving feedback if you ask for it: - This is the email for all queries about character and group backgrounds for Empire.

[quote=“Michael”]Welcome to the pride of the empire guys :slight_smile:

All that sounds good. Make sure you contact PD with your background as well, they are usually good at giving feedback if you ask for it: - This is the email for all queries about character and group backgrounds for Empire.[/quote]

Thanks Michael!

Yep, we’ve emailed PD with our group concept and the short bio on our characters and just waiting to see their response. We’re lucky to know a few folk in other nations who are experienced Empire folk and they’ve given us some basic advice as well.

The only thing that I’d mention that heirs and the like aren’t as done in Empire as much in RL equivalents. That’s in no way to say your Hall shouldn’t do so as each hall tends to have it’s own quirks it seems, it’s just having a blood heir ala Royal succession could lead to RP - RP is good though :slight_smile:

I’ve thrown up the group into the DB - what happens if someone joins our group that we don’t want? Or does that generally not happen? (It’d be a very expensive troll if they did)

Mr Hulmes
will you be accepting new recruits to ashenhall
or should one join another wintermark group?

I’m not sure if Michael is checking the forum at the moment as that’s an old post, I’d recommending sending him a private message on here but also asking after the Ashenhall on the Wintermark FB group.

Yo! So Ashenhall is currently a closed group for a group of friends, more than happy to RP with folks and get to know you IC but we’re not accepting people at the moment. :slight_smile:

I’d advise posting on the Wintermark page and seeing if there are other groups or individuals looking to make a Hall/group. Even better if you can get some friends to make your own!

Also, just as an FYI, when me & Hats are at Empire, we’re playing the game to relax and staying IC during time in. :wink: