Assassins and how to overcome them

So, you have found yourself in a situation where an assassin is coming after you! This could be due to creating political drama, opposing powerful people and Vengeance! There are a few different types of killer, but methods remain the same:

  • Isolate you, or make it so help doesn’t arrive in time.
  • Bring down your hits so you begin your bleed count.
  • Speed up your death with Venom or Execute.
  • Flee the scene before the Militia arrives.

Its also important to note that you can shout for help when attacked and on your bleed count, and they cannot prevent you from doing so.

Additionally, the killers will (If experienced) attempt to conceal their identity, so a good look at them is useful for the Militia so they can bring them to justice

Finally, people can cast Speak With Dead, so you can spill the beans in your final moments, and if needed, they can cast a ritual that lets you come back and be all spooky

So, using the above knowledge, we can put some measures into place to prevent needless death:

  • Always have someone walking around with you, though having more will prevent even an experienced group of assassins from takin the fight.
  • Never accept any drinks, as all the good poisons are tasteless, and look like water.
  • Consider getting a potion or item that lets you use Unstoppable or Heal, so you can get back up and run away
  • Abraxas Stone or above statement will prevent a full on death
  • Getting the Militia to come and sort them out, or giving them useful tips in their investigation

And here is the more sarcastic advice, if you do find out who is after you, send assassins after them and watch the blood shed

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For newer players - this kind of play is rare on the field. It does happen, but most often to characters who have been making in-character enemies and are expecting this kind of thing!
The game - Empire (

However if you are suddenly under the spotlight - perhaps your character made a deal that’s gone wrong, or your group politically ousted someone else’s - no harm in taking precautions. :slight_smile:


As an officer of the militia myself, I thought I should hop into this thread with some tips

I should start off saying that this advice:

Is being rather overcautious, and will probably spoil your fun if you want to eat and drink communally with your friends. Poisonings are extremely rare, mostly because they have to be used within 15 minutes or they expire! So maybe be careful accepting food/drink if you think someone who knows how to brew poisons is actively trying to kill you, but otherwise I certainly wouldn’t worry.

The most important advice I want everyone to take in is to remember that you can scream and shout and cry for help all throughout your bleed count. I would say it’s very difficult to be assassinated if you don’t want to, crying for help is a superpower that sadly most murder victims forget they have.

I think this is also not completely necessary, as long as you stick to well lit/well trafficked areas, you should be absolutely fine, and even when wandering the darker/more secluded parts of anvil, I’d say having a friend with you is probably going to come more in handy for helping you avoid guy ropes than stopping assassinations! As @LauraH says, murders are extremely rare, and not something that the vast majority of people ever need to worry about.

If somehow you do get murdered, the militia would love you to get a good luck at your killers - there’s nothing worse than spending the time and mana to cast Whispers Through the Black Gate only to find out you don’t know any identifying information about your killer(s)! :smile:


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Such an important thing to remember! I was once in a non-assassin situation where I was dying, and it wasn’t until someone whispered “it’s okay to make noise if you are on your death count” that I remembered. It thankfully got the attention I needed to keep that character alive. :slight_smile:


I’ve played Empire since Y1E1 and I’ve heard of a total of 3 out-and-out assassinations in the entirety of that time. It’s very rare, and in my opinion running around taking precautions is just going to make you paranoid. That might be something you’re keen on, I guess.

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Of course, if your would-be assassin(s) doesn’t care about getting caught, or indeed is counting on being caught so as to promote their agenda/make a big show of their Virtue defence/loudly decry you and all your works to a stunned audience, then their options increase greatly!

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Simply live a life full of virtue and remember the labyrinth resolves citizens!

Oh and have someone in mind to stitch up if you cant ID the real murderers :wink:

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Your not going to get assassinated in anvill unless you do something SPECTACULAR. 99.997% just cant be bothered to throw Thier characters away to punish you for Insert the SPECTACULAR thing here

On the battlefield however when the lines are breaking, the arrows are flying, all is confusion and no one has time to cast speak with dead.

Well that’s the place your most likely to catch a cleave to the leg and get left to the barbarians.


Even then it’s only something I’ve heard of happening once on the battlefield. Likewise after that group selling assasination services out of a bar got taken down early on in the game I’ve not heard of it happening since.

For reference of the rest of the thread, playing up the vanishingly small risks of this kind of thing does actively put new players off attending Empire. I had to spend hours and hours explaining to my partner just how small the risk was after I mentioned “murder alley” jokingly. So please consider that you’re not just talking to people with some experience of larp and these kind of comments land different to people who’ve never been to a fest larp before.


puts on modhat

Thanks all, this has been a thread with some good advice on what to do in this rare situation.

Take aways:

  • this is really rare! If you are a new player, don’t feel this is something you have to plan for
  • there are a few ways you can protect yourself if you’ve put yourself in a position where it’s possible
  • don’t forget you can scream on your deathcount!