Baaaaaa! Best moments of Year One

Cos everyone else is doing it! :smiley:

For me

Entering the senate with brittas body, laying it down, and then fwomp it stars snowing.

The procession of the funeral

Talking to people about the barge only to have the butchers of themeschuar say “here have the wood you need”

The ritual to create the shrouded chest of the hautakorpen, and having what seemed like half the field rock up as the thought we were doing something dodgy.

Angry egregore wander / drunken egregore visits!

Getting to know all the awesome people!

Taking down 43 Orcs in one battle
Being the Wintermark Representative carrying Britta’s body for the Funeral procession
‘All the mithril in the world and no one to share it with!’
Chilling out in the fantastic IC bar the three rings. I don’t really drink (especially at events) but the Three Rings is fantastic for the RP it provides. It’s liquors are very nice too.
Bickering Changlings.
The Suaq elections and the campaign trail.
RP’ing with the Wintermark kids at the academy.
The quality of the battles presented throughout the year.

For Giacomo Aubrellio, my former character in the League

-Getting better at trading
-Watching the Marches acting troupe

For Verni ‘Curse-Breaker’ Vernisson, my current character

-Organising a scavenger hunt. Didn’t work, but it holds great promise for a faction-wide thing next year.
-Winning a name.
-Stormcrowing at the Egregore and one of our top generals. Admittedly, the other Crows were more useful, but it was good to be part of.
-Slowly but surely getting to know everyone.

For me its got to be the ritual to break into the fortress, then losing our memories, then doing yet more rituals as we realise the fort was a great big trap. getting weakened repeatedly, paralysed, and having gods know what other horrible things happen to the coven as we try to uncurse and shut down the corrupted portals spewing barbarians and being one of about two people that didn’t get traumatic wounds in the process grin
Was my first big ritual in this system and I think im hooked… not to self next year bring fake blood, winter rituals be painful :stuck_out_tongue:

In no specific order…

  • Reading the Briar brief, then the Wintermark brief. Wait, what? Go out, go do things, don’t wait around, play on hard mode with most nations yet still with your own supporting you if timeout is needed? Awesome. Easy to physrep nonhuman stuff? Awesome. Managing to make some of the briar physreps I’ve made, and through this finding the best adhesive I’ve found, which apparently is a step up from medical grade…

  • Main battle, E1. Realising we were a giant circle. Realising the back of the circle was no longer there. Realising that me and fifteen or so others were going to have to deal with about twice our number in orcs. Finishing the battle with no healing on my last hit and chasing down the last of the Thule with the ImpOrcs.

  • That Conversation, end of E3, where one group shattered and Anfalhearth was born. Most hilarious use of a Courage hallow(?) I’ve seen so far.

  • “Hi, I’m a briar. I’ve just walked into a Chamber of Delights aura. The relaxing bit is making me hyperactive, it’s an enclosed space full of people which briarface is not entirely okay with, and at the same time the aura makes me less inclined to leave, despite being all briary and not wanting to stay in one place too long…” Breaking characters through conflicting roleplay effects is fun.

  • Getting dedicated to Pride, E4. After being one the first two Wintermark to the portal, with the other being a Stormcrow.

  • Jotun Honour Fight, E4. In all seriousness, possibly the single best fight I’ve had at Empire so far. The events around that - finding the individual responsible for organising it, running around desperately trying to find enough people that we wouldn’t just get slaughtered, walking there with a few of the Mark, a couple Dawn and one solitary ImpOrc, scarring a guy afterwards for fighting well because he didn’t have any visible scars. Wintermark traditions are fantastic. Trying to scar a Dawnish guy afterwards - who was entirely cool with it - until his wife told me off :3

My best point of last year was E4 being involved of the jotun fight.

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Stepping out of the woods and forming line against that fort at E4. I don’t think I’ll experience anything else quite like that initial realisation as we saw hundreds of baying orcs jeering at us, while slowly but surely, our line stumbled into formation. Later, while escorting the ritualists (thinking I had a cushy job at the back of the mob), I realised a new crowd of orcs were flanking us and coming right for the juicy, haplessly unaware rear of our line. Shouting for help, realising everyone was too busy getting in on the line fight. Remembering my job and charging alone. Pointing at the nearest and seeing him fall as someone shot an arrow at him - I felt like a right boss, and the enemy apparently feared my gaze after that as everyone I pointed at skidded to a halt and raised shields!

Luckily people saw what I was running toward and came to the rescue.

Later, standing on the gatehouse with ALL of the Javelins, missing with most. Until the orcs were underneath me, then I kicked ass. Meanwhile, great magics detonated behind me and blinded half the magic users in Wintermark. Turning around to see them sprawling on the floor screaming, with blood trailing from their eyes. Intense!

There was a wonderful moment, I think it must have been E2 while I was monstering, a bunch of barbarians had found an exposed knot of the Marchers’ line. It was very rough ground, not favourable for their heavily armoured pikemen, and we were starting to pick them apart by luring them one way while another attacked from the other side. As they backed up they fell over each other spectacularly. One fellow, clad from head to toe in metal, fell on a poor healer behind him. It was funny, but someone could have been seriously hurt. Without any prompting, everyone stopped immediately and waited while they picked themselves up. Seeing the barbarians calming each other down and making sure everyone was alright was hilarious. The girl and the pikeman were fine. When everyone was happy, we got straight back to it.

That was a brilliant point in time, and proved to me everything I needed to know about Larp and Larpers.

Ok, E4 monstering…

In the woods, we got ambushed by a band of warriors…

On the way back we regrouped and attacked the rear…

I was brandishing a rather sizable sword and was quite menacing to say the least…

I charged to the front of the fighting pack and stood off with 2 rear heroes… Slipped on some mud and went down… DAMMN!!!

But the 2 guys helped me up and made sure I was ok… Then 3 seconds later I was trying to break their defences again…

Until some eagle eyed assassin archer took me out with a well placed arrow!

THUD!!! “er what was that???” (looking down)



Last battle on 4… Seeing an orc make fun at the gathering forces, only to take an arrow to the head! BAAAA!

monstering at e4 and pointing to my evil clone in the distance only to have him wave at us!!! freaky

Leading our small force into the Jotun honor fight.

Anatheus summerised it very well. Having Erkenbrand drop it on me with no notice “I can’t take you to the generals meeting as I need you to go do this. Find people and win”.

And then winning. Epic.


Who was with you in the Jotan fight?

Someone got hit with a HUGE axe in the face, on a power attack with ‘SHATTER!!!’ being called…

Only to get the reply - ‘you cannot shatter my face…’

would love to send respects to the hammer wielding doom guy…

Oh and on a different note…

If anyone remembers… “HAMMAH”… :mrgreen: