i am just creating a character and started wondering how detailed the backstory should be? would something as basic as “both my mother and father died fighting the jotun thus causing a distrust if orcs and i inherited the family farm and now i have gone to anvil to make them proud” work? or does it need more to it?

So there are two main reasons to put a backstory on the system:

  • To enable someone to check over it and make sure it’s consistent with the game setting
  • So that your backstory can be read by members of the Plot Team, who occasionally use them to target plots, or to help figure out who your character is without an NPC speaking to them

So to that end, I recommend the following for any backstory:

  • Bullet points
  • Focus on significant information
  • Include, where relevant, details of what motivates you
  • Include details of any secrets you have, if any
  • Don’t worry about it too much
  • You can get your backstory edited in future by emailing in

Beyond that, you can put as much or as little as you like. I recommend keeping it brief, but informative.


The plot team do searches for places and family names too so if you want a particular link include the specific names if appropriate.

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very helpful

Hi James,
Your background works already very well in many respectsas it would spark off some interesting discussions in game. You’d have plenty of opportunity for some conflict of opinion over any distrust or prejudice with others and a chance to hear others’ views about their own experiences with orcs. Now is a particularly interesting time to explore these issues, for various reasons.

If I were to expand on my background I’d want to know whereabouts you were from in the Marches.

Both your parents died fighting Jotun. Did they both serve in the armies? We’re they from the Mournwold or another Marcher territory. Both are possible. If so where exactly

(We’re they in the mournwold and chose to die fighting instead of joining the Jotun. We’re they farmers, miners, townsfolk. If from the mournwold were you from an area that was under Marcher control for many years (Greensward near or in overton) or from the rest of the mourn. If the rest then that was under Jotun rule for many years and unless you served in the Jotun military you would have been thralls - that said you could have still had a very Marcher like lifestyle and been left to your own devices as long as you came up with the goods. There were a lot of orc thralls in the mourn too.

If you have prejudice against orcs it might be more likely that you’re from a place where you didn’t get to actually meet any Eg from an isolated part of the Marches that isn’t the mournwold perhaps

Your background does throw up some interesting questions! I look forward to finding out more in game.

In the meantime if you want to chat more happy to help.

We also have a Marcher Facebook group that’s extremely busy and helpful :slight_smile:

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thanks i am as it happens part of that group and i dont believe I can start chats

If you’ve joined the facebook group you should be able to write a new post by clicking on the Post icon (next to photos) under the banner picture (if using a phone).

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oh i meant message on here the forum

Try clicking on his profile name as I think you should be able to message now.

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ah yes thank you