Backstory help with my Wintermark Character

Hey Guys ,

I’m a new player and looking for help with my Wintermark character backstory , should be attending E1 this year.

Was wondering if there had been any recent bad losses on the battlefield where lots of people died or went missing from Wintermark ?

I was thinking of having my backstory be simple in that my character’s father was a slightly above average soldier who went missing leaving only his sword . Just need an appropriate battle for him to have gone missing in (probably definitely dead) .

Also any info on what kind of farm a wintermarker might have would be nice .

Thanks in advance , the wiki is pretty daunting .


Firstly, hello and welcome!

I went to my first event with a backstory, but changed nations before time in, to date I’ve never had a formal backstory just done it on the fly and it’s not hindered my game time or experience, so I wouldn’t get too caught up on it. It’s a bit of fluff that in all honesty just helps us feel connected to our character. Just keep things simple and it will help you ease into getting to know them.

But Wintermark sustains losses at all battles so there is no reason not to just pick which everyone you like, I would pick something less recent otherwise it ties you down to needing to know a bit more history and didn’t allow you chance to become who you are.

You father died when you were 12, leaving behind your mother and her two children, since then you have spent your years working the farm with your mother and sister barely making ends meet, struggling through the elements. But now your sister has married and they are wanting to taking on a bigger role in the farm allowing you the opportunity to go on a voyage of discovery within yourself. Discover your true self and find your rightful place in the Empire, you venture to Anvil to start this journey and become your own independent person.

But that’s just my thought, otherwise may give you other advise.

Hey, have you heard about the Merits of Mammoth farming.

Okay slightly more seriously the territory of Semmersuaq has recently been conquered by the Jotun and the Empire is in the process of taking it back, the last season (so the last 3 months) and 6-9 months ago Wintermark have been heroically defending, or trying to retake that land. Their have been lots of casualties on the Wintermark side, due to the heroic tactics they employed. It gives something that any Wintermark players with an event or two under their belt should be able to latch onto as an idea.

The other more controversial option would be to have had your father die in the raid on the Grendal Homeland (Dubtraig), far to the south of the Empire and across the Bay of Catazar. This is more of a controversail option in Wintermark since, many felt like they were abandoning their people for financial game, but again option that will make instant sense to most players with an event or two under their belt

There’s part of me which want’s to suggest Mother’s sword, because of the gender neutral aspect of Empire and it being less overdone, but that’s me being picky.

I like the idea of my characters parent dying trying to retake Semmersuaq. Would give me an enemy to dislike in the Jotun and motivation . That’ll be pretty handy to start conversations with or when I need to share an opinion .

Not married to the idea of it being my character’s father . Could easily be mother . Originally went with a deliberately simple backstory because as mentioned above , not many people will care about it and it won’t get brought up much . With not being overly familiar with the lore , having a couple points to talk about or enquire about will give my character something to do at least .

Cheers for the help .

Yeah, simple is usually a good idea.

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Check out the threads tomorrow and Friday too! :slight_smile:

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