Bags and Pouches?

Warning - Noob question from a Noob!

I’m looking for a bit of advice on what to use for carrying OC personal items whilst IC - i.e. glasses case, inhaler etc. What do others use?


Don’t worry about asking noob questions - I asked loads of them!

I personally use one small drawstring leather pouch for OC stuff I need to access a lot/easily like my handgel.

Other stuff like my headtorch etc I’ve got in a hessian drawstring bag inside my big pouch (I think it’s an A5 from Darkblade) as I use it for IC stuff as well, I can just pull the hessian bag out to hunt for the stuff I’ve inevitably accidentally hidden at the bottom.
That little hessian one I got from Amazon for just a couple of quid, they have them in allsorts of sizes :slight_smile:

I have a really awkward pocket sewn into the front inside of my trousers. I only use it for my OOC stuff, because it looks like I’m pulling something very different than my coinpurse out when I use it :frowning:

My main bag has a hidden inner zip pocket which I keep OOC stuff in.

I used to have a series of small pouches on my belt, and allocated some for IC stuff and some for OC. I ran out of space, so I made a large green bag. It’s big enough… but has become a pain as it has no internal pockets and I can’t find anything.

Distinctive bags within bags can work but I’m it retiring now because, now it’s hit the field, I don’t like the style of it. It worked in my head but it doesn’t work in real life.

My next plan is to revert to a combination of a few pouches and one medium sized bag, and allocate OC/IC again.

I also have a small bag I picked up in a charity shop if I need to carry larger items around, like bottles of beer or whatever. Though, on the whole bags irritate me OC, so I avoid them and treat my pouches like I do my pockets.

Car keys are always my biggest worry…

I use an ol’ MT pouch on my belt, its got a Newey stud so almost impossible to open/rip etc. I thrust my OOC stuff deep to the bottom then have pointless IC stuff ontop.

I lost a bag at an event that never turned up, pro of always wearing your belt is… you will not lose it (train yourself only to take it off in your tent). Detachable bags are too risky, for me at least.

I keep OOC stuff in trouser pockets and IC stuff in belt-pouches or whatever.

Or if I’m wearing hose or similar (no pockets) then I’ll pick a belt-pouch for OOC use (though sometimes I’ve ended up putting one or two IC things in there too, like gloves).

thanks for all the replies!

I am reading and digesting - the Darkblade pouches do look very cool though.

Dark blade are very good for custom pouches too - mine fasten with Velcro because buckles are too fiddly, and have extra flaps so nothing falls out when I am hanging upside down from trees. They are also veggie not - leather, and one has OC medic alert badge on for my OC emergency kit.