Banner houses


I have a quick question about banner houses. I know I few are in play and I’m just curious as the rules behind them. What does a house get in becoming a banner house to another house? Why would one become a banner house instead of just being there own house?

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I’m interested to know the answer to this, too!

There’s nothing about banner houses in the setting documents/wiki (at least that I can find) so it looks to be something that’s developed in play, possibly imported from the Game of Thrones setting.

Where it’s used in Empire it seems to mean something like junior ally, which feels a bit at odds with the meritocracy and ego of Dawn - why not straight-up allies?

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There are a few houses I know of that describe themselves as “banner houses to X”.

These tend to be smaller ones, few in OOC number, who find it easier to hang around with a larger group than to have their own distinct identity.

It DOES seem to have developed in play, and I can see it being used as a quick shorthand for “these are our allies, everyone’s heard of them, just assume that we’re doing whatever they’re doing”…

And where you have one big group that is active in various arenas, and other smaller ones that camp nearby, aren’t bothered about the plot, and mostly rock up for the skirmishes and battles, the smaller one may well follow the big one in everything but heraldy. In which case… yeah, they’re a banner house.

It differs from A Song of Ice and Fire in that the “junior” house can, at any point, wander off to do their own thing. It’s not fealty, it’s more an unequal alliance.

And yes, given the egos of Dawn, chances are that the “banner house” will happily be stomping around doing it’s own thing somewhere and somewhen, if not right now…

It’s entirely player-developed. There are a lot of opinions around banner houses, and not limited to Dawn. You should ask around about them…

If you want to really find out why some people OOC chose to be in one. It’s probably a question to ask on the facebook group, more than the forums, as non of the Dawn players active here are in Banner Houses* (or houses with banner houses attached.)

That being said it’s a way of forging a relationship between two groups, my theory is in a number of cases it’s we would like to play with X group but we think we would look more dashing in Lime Green. (Although there has been at least some IC politicing around would you like to become our Banner House, so possibly not always.)

*and some of the other Houses are strongly against them

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