Barbarian Mage Robes


I want to make some easy mage robes for monstering - going to make them black so I can add a purple/red/green/whatever sash to identify orc type - but I wasn’t sure what iconography to use. Do barbarians use runes? Or just generic swirly patterns?

Anyone with helpful ideas?

Nix x


If you can your base colour robe will look better if you can manage grey green or something of that sort of sludgy coloured variety. This also has the benefit of being able to do decoration in black sharpie which is useful!!

You’re after tribal decorations and stylised animals for most of the barbarian orc tribes, more than runes. Look at tattoo patterns for inspiration.


Rather depends on the barbarians, I’m afraid…

From least to most magical:

Lasambrian (if there’s any left)

Some of them may use the imperial runes, I made mage armour for a Grendel and found that they had their own runes… PD alone know what secret runes the Thule use…

As CharlieP said, I’d go for generic patterns and stylised animals, with maybe a few runes round the cuff, collar or hem.


Thanks to you both, that’s really helpful :blush: I’m a battle mage in my normal character so I don’t really have ‘normal’ armour. I usually go non-combat when monstering because of this but I want more fun! I can cobble together mage armour by bastardising my own.

Sludge green is a great idea @CharlieP, as is the tribal tattoo advice.

Potentially stupid question - I WILL be able to monster as a mage right?


Hmm. Probably?

Assuming you mean in the major battles, most of the orc forces have magi of some description or number (although note magic-utility of orcs above).

While PD do like organising their monsters by nation…

(Ah, you’re the Dawnish monstering. Can you bring lots of clank and play heavy assault infantry, please? And the Urizeni, good, can you bring your staffs and play a battlefield ritual team?)

…because that does lead to monsters performing roles they’re familiar with, I don’t think there’s an issue to you going “cross-nation” for monstering. So if, in the above example, you held a hand up and asked to join the shieldwall troops, or the battlemages, or the healing corps, or the non-combat water carriers, your response is likely to be “sure, they’re over there, talk to THAT ref. Next!”

In skirmishes and monstering for quests, there may not be available barbarian mages for you to play.

Note also that the dedicated Monster Crew may well get passed any complex and detailed monster roles in advance. So if the orc battlemages have complex briefs and specific costumes, you may not get to join in at short notice.


To expand on this, They take all the archers from any nation and put them together if its relevant to the flavor of orc.


Thanks again all. My plan is to turn up looking orc-y, and if I can’t fit in as is I’m happy to water carry :slight_smile:

I can always bring my healing physreps too so I can fit in as a healer if they’d rather. I’m getting particularly excited about Empire this season - no idea why! :smile:


Also worth while. The druj are big on herbalists and physiks.


Most battles have some sort of mage option to monster as, although they tend towards support mages rather than battlemages as the latter are usually fielded by EMUs and Skirmish Crew.

I would probably suggest going for generic swirls if you want to use the same base for all the barbarian nations (plus the Thule, should that peace not last), and then customise the swappable colour element to be in line with the individual briefs (the wiki goes into the look & feel for them, and represents what is known to the Empire).