Barbarian Orc monster kit

Check out Jack’s Facebook album on how to make a very simple barbarian orc kit for using when monstering the battles. Total cost = £10

Tips on making an orc warskirt can be found part way through Mandala’s £30 kit challenge album. Total cost = ~£9

The wiki lists these orc mask suppliers, but there are other good sources out there:

very useful links.
I have a question for wearing an orc mask. How do people deal with heat?

It’s not a full latex face mask, it’s a half mask with a cloth balaclava back, so it does breath and doesn’t trap the heat like some kinds of full head orc masks.

On the field the monster crew have plenty of water carriers to make sure you keep hydrated, also you die often enough as barbarians that you can take a breather and get fluids regularly. You’ll usually get reminded to drink as well whenever there’s an opportunity.

So yeah you don’t really need to take more care looking after yourself on a battle than you would do without a mask, in my experience.

I just read this statement and it quadrupled how much I want to attend Empire!

Wearing a lycra cycling buff can help wick sweat away from your head too.

As a barbarian orc you can always take the mask off for a breather when you get back to the respawn points.

Silly Question, can you wear glasses with the masks?

With some of them. You may have to go through a few to find one that will fit from the general supply. usually best to put the mask on and then your glasses, feeding the arms through the side of the eye holes.

If you want to guarantee having one that definitely works buying your own and adding appropriate holes is probably a good investment.

You may also want to look at one of those sports bands that help hold your glasses on your face too, saves having to worry about them when dying repeatedly.

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Thanking you!