Barkeeps and Brewers of Wintermark, Tell me your wares!

So, Delicious brewers of the Frozen lands, What delicious alcoholic treats have you brewed for us this event? What specialities am I gonna need to rush over and buy, lest it run out by Friday evening?

Looking forward to the standard Time-in Bar-crawl to scope out future drinking missions

I’m not a barkeeper or a brewer but I’ve heard rumour that one of the wintermark bars has left and gone to varushka, don’t know much about it though. I just thought I would give you the information, just in case you need it.

One of the League bars has joined us, but I don’t believe one of the Wintermark ones has.


Nah, Nothing like that - I’ll find out all that on the field. Just getting pumped for the event, and Wanna know what cool stuff I’m gonna be buying, Drinking and promptly forgetting later in the night :smiley:
I will be popping by the Wulfen Reavers in Varushka, no doubt. Got any unique drinks to experience in your camp, Triska?


Personal favourite is Temeschbar cider, hope they’re going to have some after they move to Varushka!

I’m personally making three types of mead to sell which are all brewing now, but the artisans arms often have 5 year aged mead which is excellent although 15 rings instead of 5!

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Varushkan honeyed rum is the one that sucks up my spare cash…


Artisans is the bar/pub of the mark, with 4(iirc) beers on tap and a kitchin that serves food if it’s not all sold out.

But if you want a pub crawl, start at the nabarr, go through league, through Brass coast and if you make it that far, drunkenly sing around a fire in the mark.

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The event my character died, my biggest regret is that I got so caught up in watching the after-effects that I neglected to buy a bottle of Wulfen Reaver honey rum


We normally have a couple of smaller bars, the Labyrinth and The Harder Task. We are indeed getting the old Temeschbar, flying under the title The Sovereign’s Head I believe.

And we have at least one independent alcohol trader, which would be me and my friend Pavel, who make honey rum to sell by the bottle (we’re still doing it @Knave!). It’s not necessarily cheap, but it’s good stuff, and we offer free tasters - if you’re interested I’d recommend dropping by before Saturday evening though, as we’re normally sold out by then!