Bell tent stove

so I was thinking of getting a little stove for my bell tent IC but is this ok.

iv not seen many people with one before and would the chimney be too odd looking in the setting? any views would help.

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Nope not odd, I’ve seen a bunch of them on the field and there’s one in a tent in my own camp. They can be lifesavers at a cold event :slight_smile:.


Nope, totally legit.
Stove and chimney technology exists in Empire.

I have one of these:
Which is great because it packs down pretty small, however not as warm as the Blaze ( )

It’s worth getting a spark arrestor for the top, and also being aware of really windy days. They usually have guy-rope holes on the chimney, but the can only hold up to so much wind!

The scary part is cutting a hole in the side/roof of your beloved tent!

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If I were getting a tent stove I’d totally get one with an integral water heater, or at the very least a hot plate for a kettle. Tea on demand!

And hot water bottles at colder events.

But mostly tea on demand.

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Yeah, the ones that clip to the chimney, they are cool. well, hot. Either way, they add a bit of efficiency . The heat would just be heading upwards, but warm water is always welcome - Tea, Coffee, Hot water bottle, quick wash without having to walk all the way to the shower

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One thing to make sure is when you cut a hole in your tent for the chimney, line said hole afterwards to A) Ensure it doesn’t fray, and B) to keep it from catching fire. You can buy some very good fire-resistant tape for lining.

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Also remember to get a carbon monoxide monitor - a mate of mine was strong-armed into getting one, just to have it go off during the night, so it was a good thing!


You will also need some kind of tray, or fireproof mat for it to stand on in the tent, and have to accept the loss of space for wherever it sits.

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Several times when when I’ve been sitting with people around an outdoor campfire and the wind has been blowing smoke in my face, my character has grumbled about how the chimney is one of the best inventions of the century, and more people should use them.

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The chimney would look fine - there are already tents with stoves in that have chimneys to let the smoke out. Mainly because you don’t want to have a stove in a closed tent produce carbon monoxide, like Triska said!

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