Blood Bowl 2 for EMPIRE LRPers


I was thinking a while ago that being an Egregore at the moment is quite surreal, so I floated the idea that I could run an online game for some Orc Players. This ended up being 2 x Seasons of a Blood Bowl League for Orcs and a League for Non-Orcs, lots of players in total and more than 250 matches played.

These matches take about 90 minutes each & during these games, the Imperial Orc folks would chat on Discord with each other, so there is a lot of catching up and chatting being done! We are currently in the play-off stage of the current season and my daughter is building glittery prizes for the 3 winners to wear with pride.!

The reason for posting this here is that I am doing a 3rd season of this, and if any of you know any crew or players that may want to join a Blood Bowl 2 League that is full of Empire Players and a reason to simply mingle online, then please point them in my direction as they are more than welcome… (Its Blood Bowl 2 on Steam!)

If you know anyone that plays Empire and / or may be interested then please get them to PM me or head to Blood Bowl for EMPIRE Folks - Season 3

We need to know who wants to get stuck in by March 27th!

Thanks for listening!

Ed (Imperial Orc Egregore)

Oddly enough… I’ve just got a new pc and downloaded BB2 again… :smiley: