Brand New to LARP

I recently attended a LARP in my county and now I want to do more! I was attending this particular LARP as crew. Does Empire have a similar system? I have looked around the website and wiki and I understand there are numerous bands/guilds/factions In Character but I don’t think I can commit to something without having tried out the game and feel of the community. I’m also wondering if theres a discord or something as I don’t have facebook.

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First up, welcome along, to the forums and (hopefully) the game.

Yes, Empire does have a crew, or indeed several. While I doubt you’re after the various set-up crew (electricians, plumbers, tent wranglers and gate staff), and the NPC crew requires a bit of experience of the game as a player first, there is the Monster Crew, sometimes known as the Three Hundred.

They play the opponents on most of the smaller quests, interesting nasties in the bigger battles, and similar roles. Is that what you were looking for?

There are a lot of smaller groupings in Empire, in the in-game field. Covens, banners, guilds and the like. The only one you really need as a new player is a nation for your character to be a part of when you enter play. A group within that nation is also needed, but as this can be a group of one (you), that can be dealt with. We do advise new players to make some contacts and friends to meet up with, if nothing else, to give them a starting point on the field.

So all you need to commit to is a pretty simple costume and a starting nation. Just about everything else can be reorganised by the organisers as needed, especially if you’re a new player.

I’m not sure about a discord channel, I’ll get back to you.

There are a fair few Facebook pages (the main Empire LRP one for starters) that are public view. You can also have a ramble through these forums as well, obviously.


There is an unofficial discord server and the fastest way that I know to join is to search YouTube for the channel, Hefty Yeti - in the channel’s information is a Discord link that will give you the invite.

In case you haven’t seen it on the wiki, there is a dedicated email address to contact for crew and volunteering:

When it comes to the financial commitment, the big spends (besides travel depending on where you live) are for the ticket, weapons and armour. In my experience the players of empire are a generous bunch and it’s often easy to borrow a weapon and some armour, especially with some advance notice.
And just in case you haven’t seen it already, any player can pass you a discount code to reduce the cost of your first weekend’s ticket price. The other player also gets a discount on their next ticket so you won’t have any trouble getting offers.

Also like Geoffrey said, welcome to the forums and hope to see you in the field.

Like folks have said have a search around the forum and ask us any questions you’ve got :slight_smile:

Tell us a bit about the LARP you’ve played and we can tell you whats similar and what’s different.

Also hello o/

So the LARP I was at was maybe 200 people max, a good mix of players and crew. They had a cool little viking village where the players hung out and some of them camped there. Then there were different events throughout the day for the crew to facilitate, games of shinti, beltane celebrations, random roman invasions, a giant (very cool stilts costume) a hunt (huge boar puppet!). As crew we all had a general idea of the lore, some of them had been going for years and some of us (like myself) were brand new and picked it up easily. The refs also gave us some brief context for our specific roles.

Being a player doesn’t really appeal to me because unless my character was literally just myself in a different time/setting, I’d be uncomfortable maintaining that for extended periods of time. Crewing was a lot more fun because I could dip in and out. Although, part of me really wanted to hang out in the evenings with a drinking horn, so maybe I could participate as a player in brief stints.