Afternoon all,
I have just sat down to make a couple of bucklers, having been out of the habit of weapon making for a while, I would like to enquire of the hivemind what foam people are using nowadays. I have a stash of LD45 that I can use, but I have also seen a lot of reference to LD60. Would this be the preferred option for an uncored shield?

I’ve also seen a few retailers selling Evazote as a successor to Plastazote, but have no experience with this stuff at all. Can anyone chime in with any pearls of wisdom or experience with these materials?


LD60 will make something a bit stiffer and heavier, for the same volume of foam. However, it doesn’t take glue quite as well.

I tend to do shields by laminating layers of LD45 and heavy linen. The combination comes out very strong and can be directly formed into quite a lot of shapes.

I’ll give that a go, thank you

Evazote is much squidgier than plastazote of the same density.
Plastazote is a better choice for bucklers and most other uses in LARP weapons and shield.

Evazote is not a successor to plastazote, and I would not trust any retailer who tries to claim it is. Evazote and plastazote are good for different uses. Both are made by the same company, and have been for many years: zotefoams.com/pages/EN/azote.asp

Oh, and I’m very happy with my buckler which is made of laminations of plastazote (LD45, I think) and canvas, held together with evostik epoxy glue. And my 20" round shield of the same construction: canvas, foam, canvas, foam.

Excellent, thanks for the clarification. I’ve made plenty of gear from Plastazote in the past. Just wanted to check that material technology hadn’t moved forward without me :slight_smile: