Burnin’ Clothes

I was reading up on the Brass Coast, and although the idea of burning clothes after death is a nice feature, it does sound like it would make it harder to source new costumes at the event in case of a unplanned character death. Is there anyway for this burnin’ of fabrics to be done off-stage so to speak? That way I could rearrange a few bits of cloth, sourcing a few from the old pack, and make a new character in a similar costumed-nation like the League XD. Thanks for the help.

I don’t think anyone would contradict you if you used random fabric scraps to burn and pretended they were parts of a characters costume that you would rather keep. And while doing stuff as much as possible in-play is ideal, off-stage burning would also be entirely appropriate in my opinion


Goodness, no one expects you to actually burn perfectly good kit! If you have some suitable scraps of fabric it makes for nice role-play, but really, most of the funeral customs suggested can be done ‘off-stage’, if only because playing a corpse can get really tedious, and the player may need to nip off to pee/eat/decompress. Most LARP funerals I’ve encountered have done the ‘say lovely things about the dead character’ IC so their player can enjoy it then shuffled the ‘corpse’ off field/into a tent so the player can get on with their day.


I made a pack of burnable cloth and paper with some sparkly ‘make pretty fire colours’ in it for my character’s burning.


I will say that the Brass Coast and League have VASTLY different costuming briefs…