Buying a rod

Hello all,

I’ve decided to take my character down the battle mage route but rather than fighting with a staff I would like to use a rod as my implement for delivering spells in battle.

I know that if I wander round Anvil when all the shops are there they have a nice selection of rods for sale but I’ve made this decision after E4 and I’d like to have the rod before E1 and I am struggling to find online stores selling them.

Perhaps it’s the terms I’m using when searching but I cannot find any online store selling rod type weapons. Any advice on where might have them in their online store so I could have a look at what’s available, before I decide whether or not to have one made specifically for me?

I have a rod for sale, only used for one event but the character died

Depending on the rod I may be interested. Would you be able to post a picture of it please?

I will when I get home if that’s ok??

Yep, that’s fine. I’m in no rush. E1’s not until next April. :smiley:

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I bought my mage rod from Eldritch last year. At the time I could find maybe 3 or 4 designs on the field…?

It’s not a popular weapon, so you may have to do quite a bit of hunting to find a good 'un.

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Go ambi-rods. I’ve been doing it since E1, and it’s not a useless weapon set at all!

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Implements are hard to find off the peg. I have three - two rods and a staff from different suppliers. All three come highly recommended!

The staff is from Saxon Violence, and is a specific commission. Expensive but well worth the price.

One of the rods is from Eldritch, and is pretty much identical to Geoffrey’s (which made a lot of sense when our characters were brothers!) There’s usually a few available from his stall, and they’re excellent value and quality, but they can all look kind of similar. I have had several of his swords, daggers and shields over the years and they’ve been well-loved!

The other rod is from Medlock, who rarely trades directly but Larp Gems often carries stock. They are unique and beautiful pieces. My favourite ever sword was a Medlock.

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Many of the finest rods I have seen were from this chap:

He trades in the Skian Mohrr tent at Empire, but is a separate ‘thing’

You might consider shopping opportunities such as this:

or next year’s edition of this:


Oh that’s a good call. I looked through their Facebook pictures and realised I bought a wand from him. It’d be a cool idea to see if he can make a rod similar to the wand. Ooh, thanks for that!

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Like you, I decided to go with rod, and like you, I couldn’t find anything online that really pleased me, and I wasn’t going to settle on a ‘meh’ rod. I hit the field before time in, and found a nice wand and rod at Mhorish’s Skian Mhor tent.

I would say that if you’re not finding anything that’s setting your heart on fire, wait for E1 and go shopping before time-in (I went shopping on Thursday, because several vendors were already up), you will probably find something that you like.

I’m not a battle mage, but I am going either rod and buckler, or axe and buckler (I am a physick, my priority is the healing, but being able to swat someone who gets too close is beneficial).

I would suggest asking some of the traders. Having a larp stocks Medlock weapons which are great for fantasy styled weapons.

Ask the traders what they have and if they can bring something to event? If they know there is a demand for cool looking implements they will bring them,