Caduceus / Staff of Aesculapius as healing symbol

I know that we have a set of runes, one of which :rhyv: being the accepted (though shared) sign of healing, but I was wondering if Empire’s world includes these two symbols. For those who don’t recognise the terms, they are the staves / rods with snakes curled around; technically the Staff of Aesculapius ⚕ is a healing symbol and Caduceus ☤ is more… ambiguous, being related to easing the passing of the dying (hey, we have a skill for that!) and necromancy.

I only ask because I have it on part of my healing outfit for a different system and wondered if I should leave it at home / use Rhyv instead.

As far as I am aware, they’re not something in Empire; but I may be wrong. I suspect they’d be more likely to be seen as some sort of Night Eternal symbolism due to the serpents.

I believe its common to use the symbols for OC things. Like Medication, Injectors, Inhalers ect as its less obtrusive than the green cross. I would avoid if possible, Cover it if not.

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There is at one Dawnish noble who has incorporated it into her heraldry. It’s not in the list of symbols that PD explicitly have objected to on the wiki somewhere, but it’s not as rooted in the game world as other symbols.

That being said if you switched the two snakes for the heads of a hydra you would have something that both hit the OOC recognition note while being more rooted in empires symbolism.

And that is a very compelling reason for avoiding those symbols. I will use :rhyv: instead.


Always liked that rune symbol - looks like a smiley on its side, totally appropriate for how you feel POST healing.

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Depends on the healer. :stuck_out_tongue: