Camp Planning (E1 2019)

I’m planning on camping IC , have have got a new tent.

I normally don’t camp IC in the nation so this is change from before, and I dont’ have any contact details for whoever does the Urizen camp planning.

Can someone put me in touch with whomever I need to be int touch with so I don’t mess up any plans at the event. ;-).

If you haven’t already, I’d advise asking in the Urizen facebook group, since those tend to be the places where nations organize rather than here on the forum.

I’m not on Facebook

It’s Luca, I’ve pinged him to take a look here. I’d stick your tent info up here and he can grab it.


Yes, please send me your IC camping needs here and I will allocate some space for you. Are you part of a large IC group or are you a solo tent? Could you please let me know the tent size and group spire/citadel name?

Many thanks,


PM Sent,