Can you make your own armour out of "alternative materials"? (Answered, thanks everyone)

I was looking to eventually get into LARP as of when the situation involving covid-19 dies out and events start again. I saw that certain rules such as global hit points can be altered by what armour you wear. My question is that I was planning on using a foam based material to create my armour, by using certain techniques I can make the foam armour look almost identical to metal plate armour for example. However because foam is much lighter than the material I would be imitating, I would gain an advantage as I would have much more mobility and less strain on my body however with the added global hit points. So, would I be able to make my own armour out of foam and it be allowed in events?

TL;DR: Can I make armour that looks “real” out of foam?

Unfortunately, the wiki specifically calls out that costume made of foam does not count as any kind of regular armour.

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Ah I see, thank you. Seems that it won’t be worth making armour out of foam as I don’t plan on taking on any mage roles/skills. Thanks for the help.

The weapon and armour page here explains the rules for the different types of armour and, as @Emmanovi rightly states, specifically states “Costume made from foam or karrimat does not count as armour.”

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Ah that is a shame, wanted to have something to do while in self isolation. Thanks

Thank you for the useful link

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Welcome along to the forums, sorry we had to say no to your first question…

I would note that making a suit of mage armour from treated foam will look pretty good, and even if your character doesn’t intend to use it, you could sell the phys-rep for in-game money. Or indeed for £. As Kai_G says, make it look more Mage and less Armour.

Also, there are a variety of other materials that acceptable armour can be made from. I have seen suits of “plate armour” made from resin, or aluminium, or similar. They count, in this game, as Medium…

…but they tend to LOOK like Heavy. So the archers don’t bother shooting you, and are horrified by your acceleration… (personal experience)

Possibly to avoid the advantage you noted (less wieght), you can’t get low-wieght heavy armour in this game.


I wanted to make 100% sure before I want straight into making my own armour/gear, thank you for the advice on the subject I will defiantly keep it in mind. Now I can spend my time looking though the Internet for something more my style, thanks again.