Can you smoke/vape?

Hiya, probably a stupid question, but how is smoking/vaping viewed within IC areas and are there any rules (beyond general politeness) surrounding it that we should to be aware of?

hide vapes in pouches and smoking with cigarettes is fine

Smoking is certainly allowed. Vaping as well I think.

I’d suggest not lighting up in any tents and being careful of both tents and plants especially at the drier events

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Oddly I found people smoking cigarettes broke my immersion more than vapes did. I did see one person smoking a cigar, though, which fit with their costume and looked excellent.


I have also seen the occasional pipe. But yea its fine.

I have a couple of carved pipes and have put the tobacco in an in game phys rep. I am an Artisan/mage so I was hoping my ligter (which is metal) would not break other peoples immersion too much

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It’s not an issue. Don’t worry. If you think it could be due to some design on it, just put it away right after use.

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Honestly people are generally very chilled about a quick use of a lighter, swig from a plastic bottle, etc - just keep it all low key, don’t fuss, and vast majority of people will just carry on around you.

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I remember that darkblade has lighters on a bit of thronging that’s covered to look less jarring.

It’s on the Wiki, in the FAQ The short version is “Only outdoors, or in a personal tent if the owner says yes”:

You cannot smoke in any of the Profound Decisions tents or structures that are on site. Smoking is prohibited in the Senate, the tavern and all the large IC spaces in all circumstances. If you wish to smoke then you must leave the tent to do so.
You must not smoke in any other tent on site unless it is your own tent or you have been invited in and given express permission to smoke by the owner.