Carrying things as Brass Coast

Hello all!
I’m planning to join Brass Coast as a new character at E2 this year.

Whenever I’m at Empire I have a tendency to carry quite a lot of stuff with me: I like to keep my OC valuables on me, I carry paper and pencils, any IC documents I’ve obtained that event, phys reps + cards, that sort of stuff. For the last year or so I’ve been carrying around a lovely leather satchel as my Marcher character which makes organising and transporting things a million times easier, and I’d love to get more use out of it, but I’m worried that a bulky leather satchel might not fit in with the light and floaty aesthetic of the Brass Coast.

How does everyone else transport everything they need as a Freeborn? I keep a draw string purse on my belt currently, so might it be worth getting a few of those and wearing them on sashes? Would my leather satchel be appropriate so long as the rest of my kit was more light and colourful? Do people just leave stuff in their tents and fetch them as needed?

Being able to carry things on your person is Big and Clever - there will inevitably come a time when you need to trek away from your camp and carrying everything in your hands is just inconvenient.

So my primary suggestion would be for a combination of brightly coloured belt pouches arranged on belt/sashes (these days I use a really fancy pouch that opens up to reveal a number of labelled pockets, a gift from my OC husband), combined with a larger bag of some kind for anything too bulky to fit in a pouch. I envision something like a large linen (or similar) shoulder bag in an appropriate colour or colours.

However, a leather satchel has some strong advantages (durable, weather-resistant, hopefully waterproof) and I could see something like that still working with the aesthetic, especially if it holds important documents. You could consider adding to it to make it more Freeborn - perhaps with fabric or things that jangle.


@Emmanovi Things that jangle is a great idea, and of course you can get cloth satchels - can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that! It shouldn’t be too hard to get some brightly coloured ribbons and necklaces to just tie around the bag strap.
I’ve been thinking of decorating some of my Freeborn kit with runes relevant to my character (I’m going to be playing a priest/magician), and while I don’t want to risk hurting the leather by gluing stuff directly to it, maybe a nicely patterned cloth draped over the main bag with some runes and symbols sewn on? Easy to get out of the way if I want to get anything out of the bag, but nice looking if I’m just walking around.

edit: maybe even a cloth with a button hole and button attached, so I can properly secure it over the bag and remove as appropriate?

When I was a Freeborn, I wore a leather belt with pouches on it; then tied a sash over it. Some folks wrap a sash, then put a leather belt over it to keep the sash in place.

I also wore a green fabric satchel that I sewed some bright and sparkly sari trim of peacocks on the satchel’s flap. I used it for carrying songbooks and my very OOC bag with my OOC stuff in it when in the field, and for the battlefield, it carried that OOC bag and my collapsible water funnel.

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I’d say a leather satchel like this one is perfectly sensible for someone from the Brass Coast specially if you’ve got contracts and documents to carry.

You can also pick up coloured leather pouches and belts from people like The Questing Beast who plays in the BC and has the aesthetic down :slight_smile:.


Oh gosh, that’s me. And here I was, popping up to give advice!

Satchels definitely aren’t out of place. Don’t worry about having to be ‘floaty’ all the time - I’m definitely not!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of having lots of pouches, but that’s mainly because I have an issue with one of my shoulders, so carrying a bag for long periods of time hurts me quite a lot.
If you do go with having lots of pouches, don’t be afraid of wearing a belt! Carrying things on scarves works for some people, but in my experience, they like to slide down. Go with what is practical and what works for you.