Cassinean Travels, 2nd ed, new players welcome

I think we can get in a game of this before E2!

Given that we have quite a few new people likely to join in, can I request that we avoid starting in any non-Imperial territory (except Brocialande and the Barrens) or Ossium, as the interactions in the late game can get tricky. The rules for the Thule expansion are still being playtested…

So! Edge of the map, and off we go! See you in Anvil!

I’ll be starting in Miechernya, collect 2 green, and pay 1C to head for the Night Quarry next turn. Note that as we’re playing before E2, next player starts clockwise of me, but if you start at the Night Quarry you don’t get the token.

(Yes, this is the adaptation of Mornington Crescent. Note that the ruleset is not identical, and we are using the revised rules of 2014, not the expanded rules of 2016).