Celtic Knots in wintermark kit opinion?

Hi guys me and a couple of mates are going to our first empire event later in the year as a new Wintermark hall, and as we are new we’re currently in the getting together our kit stage. Although no tailor i’m pretty good with a sewing machine so am making the majority of my base kit and i was wondering what the opinion on stuff like celtic knots was i know wintermark is by no way viking and to stay away from that. I was just asking if people think celtic knots fit the wintermark aesthetic. (my character is a steinr btw)
Sorry for the rambly post and thanks in advance

I know that the steinr are more Saxon than anything. I’m not sure how you are going to incorporate it with your kit so I couldn’t be sure. If it is the main feature of you clothes then maybe not but if added decoration then I see no reason why you can’t have it. If no one can give you a good answer on here, I recommend you email PD themselves. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Personally, I would avoid anything that’s distinctly Celtic knotwork. If you’d like something for a trim, then I recommend looking through this page and this page for some inspiration. The images on the latter link (Look and Feel) in particular have some decorative elements which strike me as very Wintermark.

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Celtic knots tend to be more navarr I feel. But since they are nomadic there isn’t anything stopping you incorporating it into group background. But I would avoid explicit knotwork.
I quick (2min) google of saxon jewellery has circles with dots or gems, wound/twist/braided ropes, and also looping patterns (similar to knotwork but much simpler) and whorls.

This was the search I found. I tend to look at jewellery for ideas as we have more examples of that and little idea on how clothes were decorated.

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I thought you had to keep away from the Celts when doing Navarr or is that just how you play one and not costume.

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I may be wrong then. I know all the nation briefs while based or adjacent on/to existing cultures they all try distance or make a unique spin on it.

@IWillGetThingsRong is right - the Navarr look and feel page says that Celtic knot-work is not suitable for decoration. If it isn’t suitable for Navarr, then I’m not sure it would be suitable for Wintermark either, at least (as others have said) not knot-work that is distinct or explicit. You could probably get away with the simpler stuff as @Mr_Haystacks says.


Celtic knotwork is a distinctive real life reference, like tartan.

It’s not that it’s forbidden entirely, but if it turns from being a little motif to being an obvious theme it can be jarring.

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