Chainmail Questions

Hi All,

I’m a new player, I just have a few questions regarding Chainmail.

  1. Do players recommend wearing Steel Chainmail? or a ‘fake’ (aluminium) mail?

  2. If one was to wear full length mail (long sleeve) does that cover three armour locations - shoulders, forearms and chest?

  3. If one was to wear steel bracers over mail for example, does that stack your hit points?

  4. Can anyone recommend a great place to purchase Mail, whether it be Steel or Aluminium?

Apologies for any naive questions!

Cheers in advance.

Aluminium mail only counts as medium. Steel as heavy.

All your questions are covered on the wiki Weapons and Armour page.

  1. It depends whether you want medium armour (+3 hp) or heavy armour (+4 hp). Also as considerations are price and fatigue while wearing it. I wear aluminium butchers mail. It counts as medium, but I can fight for hours in it.

  2. No, that would cover 2 locations for the purposes of a suit of armour. (Torso/Head/Arms/Legs) You may be confusing this with the locations needed for Mage armour (which do not need to be covering so much as visible and distributed). If you wore full sleeve mail then it would cover your torso and arms for purposes of hits.

  3. Not really. Once you have a suit of heavy (chain mail, lets say), putting plate (or extra chain)over the top of it does nothing. On the other hand, if you have a suit of medium (aluminium chain mail) with elements of heavy armour (a breastplate, say), then while the breastplate doesn’t cover enough to give you the extra hit from a suit of heavy armour, it does protect against Impale calls.

  4. Well there’s a good few here:
    of which I can reccomend White Rose Apparel for good value plate pieces. Not sure where you’d buy mail, but many of the traders have a suit or two. bear in mind it WILL be quite pricey… the labour costs on those are substantial. You could also try searching online, I know some people have bought good sets from re-enactment suppliers here or in Europe.



This is great thank you very much - answers all my questions.

Really appreciate it - Cheers!

Torso and full arm coverage counts as a full set.

It does, but cleaves to the legs are super common and I aim to wear greaves in addition just for that one thing. Oh, and thistle protection. Once I went out in my light trousers and the thistle scratches were the worst part of it!


Hi Ham,

I wear steel mail. A wrist and knee length hauberk is the most effective armour you can wear.
Butted mail is worthless, it will fall apart before long.
Invest in riveted or welded.
Flat wedge riveted mail is better than round pin riveted,
Alternating solid and riveted links are good.
Some of the indian suppliers are good, some bad, but it can be a bit of a lottery.
I got my welded mail from Ziegler.

And as Laura says, greaves are big and clever. Even leather greaves will protect you against both cleaves and (far worse) brambles and nettles.


Re: Leather Greaves

Leather of a suitable thickness can count as medium and indeed protect you from Cleave, but this does not apply to all leather greaves in general (only items >3mm in thickness).

On the contrary, butted mail is easy to repair and easy to adjust once you invest in a pair of pliers and get the hang of which way the links run. I’ve used butted for years and it’s been adjusted to fit my shape like a glove and a little while each night just checking it for loose links and keeping it in good repair is all that’s needed.
Riveted is much harder to adjust, my riveted mail is nowhere near as good a fit, however I will not dispute that it needs far less repairs so I do get to skip the checking it over.
I’ve never used welded so I can’t comment on that.

The steel quality will effect the mail too, a bad mild steel will not make good mail, no matter what type it is. If possible buy from English sellers, I’ve had far less problems that way.

Both of mine are plain blackened steel, a good clean, dry and then spray with WD-40 keeps it rust free between events.

I also play rougher games than LARP, so my preference is for durability.

I know that feeling all too well, I’ve been a full contact re-enactor for a long while. Get a good quality steel and it’ll stand up to metal weaponry, after that foam suddenly seems to have no effect at all :stuck_out_tongue: