Chainmail rings, are butted rings “open” or “unclosed”?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

Looking at the rules for Weapon/Armour checking and I came across this rule on the Wiki under Armour:

“Mail should not include unclosed links that allow sharp edges to be felt”

One interpretation of this is, chainmail must be made of riveted or welded/braised/soldered rings.

I understand butted rings can have sharp edges if the rings are not closed properly but then so can riveted or welded rings.

My question:
Is butted chainmail acceptable for:
A: Costume armour outside of combat?
B: Battle armour?
I hope this is an easy one for someone to clarify?

Many years ago I made chainmail from 2mm M8 stainless spring washers which take some serious bending. Totally over the top for LARP (very heavy), hardly any lost rings though and that was against steel.

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I have no official say here, and the final judgement is down to the safety checkers on site, as always…

But as far as I know, butted mail is fine, and is the majority of what is worn.

Re sharp edges… can you feel anything sharp if you run your hands over it? Could you beat it extensively with a latex weapon without damaging the weapon? If you slammed your face across it, would you be okay afterwards (- some facial hair…)?

I think this is more a “close them properly and don’t have loose stuff hanging” than “no butted maille”…

…oh, and given that the standard for “heavy armour” requires close-knit iron/steel maille (or indeed plate), it’s not so OTT for this LARP :slight_smile:


Run your hand over it - is it spiky? Do you feel sharp points where open links are grabbing at your skin etc? If yes, that would be a problem.

Butted mail is by far the most common form on the field, and as long as the links are closed and the overall mail is reasonably smooth, you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s fine for battles.

Nobody in Empire really wears costume armour, for reference.


Thanks all.
Very reasonable, especially the safety points (or rather there should be a lack of points).
Time to dig out the heavy stuff and check all the links, that should keep me busy until the next event…

Do you have any other tips for armour safety?
The last thing I want to do is cause damage or injury to people or kit.

Thanks again.

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I think after you’ve checked the rings are all closed, the safety check after that is that you can run around in it comfortably without doing yourself an injury!

Good Cardio, decent padding underneath and possibly a good belt over the top, and some way to carry water will all help.


Yes, you have a very good point. The years have taken their toll.
I will have to start doing the gardening in armour.
Thanks for your support and hope to be at an event soon.