Changeling marks/makeup

i want to be fairly simple with makeup and don’t fancy ears or antlers etc, as i’ll be wearing a hat most likely. i was wondering if purple spirals on the face coming from the edge of the eyes onto the temple would be sufficient enough. … _trappings

Pointed ears are the iconic trapping, but it does only say ‘most’, and if you are wearing a hat that can be a way of avoiding the question.
I’d say spirals would be enough to meet minimum phys-rep but you may find people not quite realising you are a changeling until you point them out, as antlers and ears are the two big trappings that you see on the field. I admit I didn’t even know spirals were a trapping until I looked it up. Really playing the RP ‘big personality’ brief will help too.

The big personality is most of the reason I picked changeling.

In which case, hopefully you’ll be fine. :smiley: That’s the best bit anyway.

Thanks :slight_smile: you said about pointing out that I’m a changeling, because people might not see the marks. What’s the point of it? People knowing your lineage, I don’t understand it properly.

It doesn’t matter all that much, but it might come up in conversation (“Those bloody changelings, always charging in…” “ahem”).

People not noticing subtle lineage is a feature, not a bug. I’ve seen some excellent roleplay come from people making an offhand comment about a lineage without realising someone of that lineage was present.

If It’s Big Personality you are after, Just play a non lineaged Character who is a bit of an Arsehole… :slight_smile:

It’s what I do… :slight_smile:

I rather like the idea of being a changeling, I’m planning to couple subtle marks with fierce pride of my lineage because I reckon it’ll be fun.

Just spirals are fine, that’s what I started as when I started playing after I lost both my ears in my first Skirmish, two hours after I got to the site.

Again, as others have said. People may think It’s just a tattoo, or that you used to be Navarr. But that’s a feature, not a bug.

A few of the round tipped children of summer have started wearing ear ornaments too, (My character included.) just to stop people staring and umming and ahhing. Its a great way to get pointy ears without the commitment. … _gallery_4

Ear ornaments?

I think I might just get some ears because its less hassle than trying to paint my face daily. Also is there showers on site? Just occurred to me that I don’t know.

Normally there are showers in the OC field.

The presence of hot water in the showers is unreliable. It is a good idea to bring baby wipes or something as a back-up.

I always do, just in case. Glad to know that there are showers at least.

The showers are a wonderful thing of power and elegance, the drainage not so much :slight_smile: