Changeling Trappings (brows specifically)

Hey all!!

So I’m planning my character, and I’m wanting to go with the feathered brow look for my changeling. Issue is I’m not entirely sure how to go about it without destroying my eyebrows with glue or latex haha? Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do a good feathered brow? How many feathers is enough? (I’m also going for spirals and ears, probably. And maybe contacts. Go big or go home xD)

I’m particularly inspired by the bottom right in this photo, but not sure how to achieve it basically :frowning: Google has been no help so far

Mandala do a Swan Brow prosthetic - Mandala Studios : Props, Prosthetics, Costumes and Masks - in their prosthetic range. You can add feathers to that easily enough. An alternative might be to use a hair band to mount them on.

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Thank you!! I’ll keep an eye on that site for sure