Changing to Dawn - name ideas

At my next event i am going to be going through the IC transition from League to Dawn, as such im currently enjoying planning out potential name changes. If i list some that ive found could people let me know if any don’t fit the brief/ sound like a good, unused name

current ideas:
.Erstainne (most similar to my original name)

I pack envelopes for PD, so I see basically all the names.

There are at least 5 Taliesins in various nations, although I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered one on the field.

I feel like I have seen an Agravain, but can’t remember where.

The others don’t ring any bells.

Don’t chose Arthas, it’s rather obvious where you took it from IMO

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Okay thank you! obviously multiple people can have the same name but id like to pick one either not in use or not in regular use at very least

Very true, i just couldnt resist including it as a potential option. Chances are though im mostly looking at Erstainne or one of the top two perhaps

Letholdus and Autius sound a little more Highguard to me…

Erstainne looks like a good 'un. Anything from the French Middle Ages, or, at a pinch, Arthurian Legend generally works fine.

It’s a tribute to the creativity and restraint of Dawn that we haven’t ended up drenched in Galahads and Lancelots. There have been a FEW Tristans, Gawains, and Bors…

Heck, my OC name works as a Dawnish one…:slight_smile:


I did make sure to look through Arthurian stories/french middle age names for these but i can definitely see what you mean in a couple of them fitting highguard. Erstainne is looking like the current leader after some discussions with my friends from Dawn. I have to admit im surprised something like Galahad or Arthur isn’t the Dawnish equivilant of Wulfric.
Thank you for the feedback!

My 2 cents

.Letholdus - I think it fits Urizen better, little to the latin
.Gaheris - It’s almost Jaheris, but Summer eternals are Dawnish (That being said might be a controversial choice for one your character has chosen.)
.Taliesin - Has been used in Dawn before (but only briefly)
.Agravain - In form it’s very close to another very Dawnish name
.Autius - Again slightly Urizen
.Estienne - I think both of these are possible but they feel also a little leaugish
.Erstainne (most similar to my original name) -

Tristam/Tristan was getting there at one point, I think Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot are too on the nose for many peoples tastes (although I was very tempted by a variant of Merlin)

thank you for the feedback on each!
True if i was to name myself similar to an eternal of Betrayal after leaving my nation it might have negative connotations
yeah i can definitely see what you mean with the last two, though i think they’re more Dawnish than the more latin sounding names further up
im gonna have a last look for more ideas but chances are ill be going for Erstainne

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