Chapters and family

I’m aware that most Highborn choose their Chapter, often after a period in the military. But how common is it to go back the the Chapter of your birth? How likely are you to share your Chapter with blood relatives?

(Wiki links appreciated if they exist, I’ve had a comb through the pages that I thought would contain this but can’t find anything).

The closest bit of information I can find only confirms that family groups within a chapter are normal:

“Each [chapter] is a fully functional community incorporating families and individuals from all walks of life, who share a common set of beliefs in the form of a creed.”

But given that the primary grouping method for chapters is shared beliefs & interests, I could see it being easily plausible either way?

Thank you.

Yeah, I can’t find anything. It’s not hugely important, it was an idle muse, wondering how likely I was to share a Chapter with people I’d grew up with.

Highguard here! The way it’s discussed in play it feels about 50/50 that you’d be in a chapter with blood relatives.

Some small settlements might only have one chapter nearby, so people wanting to join one would all join the same one. In large settlements, there are multiple chapters, so you then choose based on things such as chapter ideology or intent.

Chapters have a very family feel to them, so if you are in a chapter and have children, it’s likely those children would be raised in the chapter. Once of age those children could take the chapter oath, or find a chapter that suits their interests.

In play its evolved a little that casual relationships between two people of different chapters are no big deal. However, serious relationships usually involve meetings between the respective exarchs of the two chapters, and Maya results in one of the couple joining the other’s chapter.


That’s good to hear, thank you. It fits with how I thought about it.

I hadn’t considered romantic relationships, good to know, thank you. :slight_smile:

I think that for most whatever chapter you join with after your military service is likely to be the one you stay in, and it would have to be something momentous to make you change.

Cantiarch’s has a lot of blood family because we’ve been around a long time, and have a secure established chapter house.

I would guess that chapters recently formed or returned to Reikos for instance would have less blood ties but more common cause.


Yeah, Shattered Tower have a great sense of geographical link and purpose that I think would attract both blood family and geographical members, all of whom whom grew up with a sense of identity as refugees of Reikos.

Not that I’m over thinking my new character. Ahem.

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Plus those very shiny and obvious towers which are probably the biggest structure in the local area at least…

We always thought that it’s a bit unusual to have a heavily family based chapter in Highguard. What with Patricians passing their power down to their children and that being seen as part of their corruption.

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Oh! That’s a very very good point!

And also the big difference between Highguard and the Coast.

muses some more

My chapter, the Suns of Couros (the other big Reikos chapter), is an orphanage for lineaged cough outcasts cough children, so whileno one is blood related, we all see each other as family.

Chapter is family, and I wouldn’t expect blood relatives to be treated any differently to Chapter brethren (except maybe in the closest ties like parent and child, but with Vigilance for the stuff Mark mentions above).

I didn’t realise that was the ethos of SoC, I look forward to finding out more in play. :slight_smile:

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