Character Creation - Groups and how to join

Hi, I’m new to Empire and LARP in general (though I have expereince roleplaying in other formats)

I’ve been going through the character creation process and noticed that I have the option to join a group from the get-go.

My questions are: Am I allowed to choose a group even if I haven’t made contact with that group all ready? If I join a group when creating my character, will said group know I have joined them? Is there a way to make contact with a group and discuss joining before meeting IC at an event?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Am I allowed to choose a group even if I haven’t made contact with that group all ready?

  • I don’t think, there is a rule against it, but I would advise it. For one thing some of them the entire group has been executed for Religious Crimes in play (and some have just died out for less incriminating reasons.)

If I join a group when creating my character, will said group know I have joined them?

  • The OOC group lead, can see who is part of the group if they look in the right place

Is there a way to make contact with a group and discuss joining before meeting IC at an event?

  • So all the Nations have Facebook Groups, and this is probably the best place to look as most groups have someone on their nation group at least.

If you know your preferred nation, I second checking the Facebook groups. Most in-game groups are really friendly, but they might like a heads-up before you wander in and say you are their latest member.

Personally, I grabbed an Egregore about 1 second after time-in and asked her if she could point me in the right direction. It took her a few simple questions and she introduced me to the perfect group of mercenary healers. My wife, on the other hand, asked around on the League Facebook group for a suitable carta and negotiated a place which complemented their current business interests.


Some groups are closed to recruitment, so I’d advise against just joining one without asking first.

Welcome along MoroSeth, to the hobby, the game, and these forums!

You are allowed to (as in, there’s nothing forbidding it), but it’s rather frowned upon…

…because, no, they may not notice you’ve joined. They might be a perfectly welcoming bunch… or they might be a close-knit group of long-standing friends with their own concept and costumes and so on. Who might not like someone they don’t know rocking up and saying “hi I’m your new best buddy!”

I strongly advise hunting around and talking to a group before you drop by. As mentioned, there are Facebook pages, or you can ask on here (which nation are you looking to join?).

On the other hand, you may not need to join a group at character creation. You could quite reasonably start as a fairly generic character for your nation, and join a group when you get to the event, before play starts. It’ll be a little fast, but if you arrived on Friday afternoon (or better yet, earlier), then you could probably ask around groups and find one willing to let you join for the weekend or longer.

For that matter, depending on nation, you can join a group in-character. Wandering corsairs (Brass Coast), Bravos (the League) or Knights Errant (Dawn) looking for a contingent of new friends are uncommon but do turn up. This is, however, a harder option, especially if you’re new to LARP…

Thanks for your advice guys!

So, interesting development! It seems that editing a character profile does not allow you to remove a banner, coven or sect once you have selected one. It’s possible to change bands, but not possible to belong to no bands after having selected one. It looks like I’ll have to be a part of a random band until such a time as I can find another group IC and update the profile. Hopefully this won’t lead to any serious confusion!

You can email PD and ask them to remove you from a band/sect/coven


For that matter you can also be removed from the band at the event. As a new character, and a new player, they’re likely to be very forgiving of any mis-steps.


It will be far less awkward for you to email PD now than have the awkwardness later or queue up in GOD, which can take ages. Joining a group without their permission is really quite bad and I wish PD would change the interface because it’s not obvious at all to new players.


Or just include a “None” option, which I will be sure to suggest in my email to PD!


Does it let you delete that character?
Even if it doesn’t, you definitely have the option to just create another character and ignore the first one. In my account I have a few different characters that I haven’t played yet, as well as the one I’m playing.

I and two of my friends are joining the Wintermark with me for this upcoming July game. Are there any good groups/ Halls
for new players and how we get invited into the Halls.

Well, you’ve plenty of time to find a Hall :slight_smile:

I would suggest asking in the Wintermark section of these forums, or on their facebook group, if none of them try to recruit you off this thread…

How you get invited? Likely something like this…

Wulfric the generic Wintermark group leader: Hey I hear you guys are looking for a Hall?
RedfighterWilder: Yup, we want [this playstyle].
W: Cool. Any ideas as to character concepts?
R: Yup, [this one, that one, and the other one]
W: That sounds great, wanna join my Hall? We do [stuff and things]
R: Sounds good.
W: When you make your characters, select [my Hall] from the dropdown list of groups in Wintermark, and you’ll start as part of my group.
R: What if we’ve already done them?
W: Talk to Games Operation Desk (GOD) early on at an event, and they can change it for you, no problem. Heck, they’ll do a tweak like that via email.
R: What if we want to join in-character?
W: Then we can write a piece of backstory, “Hail, we have heard of the heroism of your band and wish to fight along-side you!”, sort of thing. Or “Hello Wulf, we are your cousins from the lands now over-run by the Jotun, rallying to you in search of vengeance and beer!” Or whatever. And armed with that sort of intro, you can come stomping up to our firepit on Friday… bring a bottle…
R: What if we find we can’t stand each other after an event. Or a day. Or 5 minutes? And want to leave…
W: You can’t, you’re mine forever… I’m joking… Then you can retire the character and start a new one immediately. Or leave in-character. With as much or as little drama as you like.
R: Sounds good. Let’s talk costume!

Any further questions? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for advice Geoffrey

So I am writing both my backstory and writing one of my friends backstory because he is busy these days with work. Is it ok to help my friend with backstory?

Yes that’s fine, especially if you want to be from the same area / background.

You don’t even need a backstory if you can’t think of anything interesting. Mine is still blank on the system 7 years in, although I have some stuff in my head it’s barely come out in play. The backstory of my Chapter (I’m from Highguard) has always been more relevant.

What you do and are known for in the field will quickly become much more important.

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If you have an idea of which approximate area you’re from, it is often worth a look at the Winds of War/Fortune for interesting local stuff that may have affected you…