Character Idea/Backstory to do with Eternals - ADVICE PLS

So after spending almost the past year yearning for an event to play a new character. I keep coming back to an idea of backstory that ties into recent events and actually curious if it’s something that can play out. Essentially I wanted the reasoning for coming to Anvil now be linked to recent events with Briars.

After losing one of his chapter mates to the strange visions etc and trying to track them down through the woodlands only to be halted by Vallorn. This character now wants to learn about how he can help get their chapter mate back by investigating and maybe even doing some quests for Eternals to get more knowledge.

So the advice I was wondering on is more around appropriate things to pick during character creation. I’ve got most of a look down but I was thinking of going for an Unconquered, with a resource of either unusual item or a congregation. I intend to play him like a fighter, slowly turning philosopher. Like he knows how to lead, fight one to one well and be apart of battles but he’s mostly wanting to help his chapter and help the lost Briars before settling down to a life debating life and offering wisdom to those who may be astray.

Any feedback/tips oh using this to generate game for myself/others is most welcome! :slight_smile:

Be aware that as Highguard is more thoroughly religious than other nations we tend to be somewhat wary of most eternals as they could possibly imperil your soul and affect your ability to be reincarnated, this is especially true of the Spring eternals as they’re the weirdest ones from a human perspective.

We are extremely wary of Vallorn, as it is believed that those attacked are not killed so the soul is stuck inside the abominations they become, and therefore cannot live a virtuous life and be re-incarnated. That is pretty much the whole reason for the Grey Pilgrims.

So unfortunately for your Briar friend the Highguard position is that you are probably looking for him so you can kill him properly and release his soul to the labyrinth to have another try, rather than rescue the body that the soul is currently in.

The Grey pilgrims are a hot topic so either being one, or considering joining them would be a great character hook and something that would generate plenty of discussion.

There is also an Advisor on the Vallorn imperial position who you probably want to search out in the field.

Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking the interest in tackling Eternals would create a little controversy in the context of warning me not to get involved and that the character would be walking a thin line by having an interest.
I sorta forgot that Grey Pilgrims were a thing, so I think I’ll read into them a bit more, it could be a good hook that still ties into the motivation of finding the missing Briar friend.

Unconquered is probably a better shout if you are looking at fighting and being woodsy, it also gives you something to grow from as that seems to be your theme?

If you are looking at why a briar would go funny and end up vallorn fodder its going to be a super short quest though as its fairly common knowledge, though ill acknowledge im super involved in that sort of thing so my idea of common knowledge may be warped :smiley:

Eternal game in Highguard is definitely a thing though, especially the Spring, Summer and Winter eternals for various reasons, it might be worth looking at the recent history of Reikos as Llofir has had a major influence there recently and the aftershocks from that are ongoing.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to STOP Briars going funny… that would be a longer and more interesting quest…

(No, he doesn’t mean burn them pre-emptively… silly Marchers…)

Protecting the Briars from the destabilising effects of their own lineage… may be a paradoxical quest…

(Calm down! He does not need an endless song about long and possibly impossible quests!.. silly Dawnish…)

…but it’s certainly be an interesting goal. With the aim of “make the lineaged safe for themselves and others”, it might even fir the Highborn goals…