++Character retraining++

Hi Folks,

This week we’ve put live a big update to the character system online to provide a new option for all Empire players for skill retraining. The new option allows a character to drop a single skill, crafting option, or pair of rituals after each event you attend.

The intention is to make it easier for players to change their skills over time without needing to email PD to avoid people being stuck with skills they don’t want or need or can’t use for any reason. While we’ve always been accomodating with players who thought to email in - implementing the system through the website makes it much more public and accessible for all players.

There are a few sensible restrictions which I’ll detail below:

  1. You can’t drop a skill if it’s a prerequisite for another skill you have. So if you have the hero skill and the mortal blow skill - then you won’t be able to drop hero because it is a prerequiste for mortal blow. If you want to retrain hero then you will need to drop mortal blow first; you will then be able to retrain hero after the next event you attend.

  2. If you drop a ritual skill or a crafting skill then you are likely to have to choose one or more rituals or crafting options that you also have to drop. If you do need to pick a ritual to drop - then the system will show you the relevant choices and tell you what you need to pick. If there are rituals or crafting options that there is no choice but to drop, then the system will identify that and let you know accordingly.

  3. The refunded xp are locked to your character - they can be respect immediately but only on that character. They don’t go back into the general pool of xp that you earn by attending events and which can be spent on any character. This xp is the first xp to be spent if you buy a new skill for the character.

  4. You can only drop one skill after each event you attend. You can do this at any time - but once you click save then the skill will be removed and the option will disappear until after your next event (even if you re-buy the same skill!). So please don’t save you choice until you are absolutely sure what you want to do - otherwise you will need to email admin@profunddecisions.co.uk to get it fixed.

The system is more flexible for new players - you can drop any number of skills after the very first Empire event you attend. We’ve always supported this option for new players - and people often let new players know about it - but it’s always been an ad hoc email process and never officially mentioned on the wiki. The new retraining system lays the option for new players and allows them to access it easily through the website.

More details regarding the update and the reasoning for it can be found here: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Rules_update_2020

The new rules for retraining are here: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Downtime#Retraining

As part of the update we’ve fixed the longstanding bug that meant that if you purchase realm lore, extra item, extra recipe or extra spell but didn’t specify at the time which option you wanted then you could only get that fixed by emailing us. The new system will allow you to use the website to fill any empty ritual, item, recipe or spell slots your character has.

You can access all these options using the new “character viewer” on the PD website. Just login to this link https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/account/characters and click on your character to see their information. You’ll see a new “tabbed display” like the one pictured below that shows the information for your character spread over several tabs. Your skills are listed on the second tab with links to the relevant page of the wiki. Here you will find the option to retrain a skill once you have attended your first event.

After your skills tab there are additional tabs for any rituals, crafting options, spells and potion recipes if you have the relevant skills. You can use buttons on these tabs to select any relevant options that you have not already selected - or to retrain an item or pair of rituals if you want to do that instead of retraining a skill.

Finally, we’ve fixed the bug that was stopping people editing new characters that they’d made on the system. That bug had crept in while we were rebuilding the database schema to allow the new retraining system and it should all be sorted now.

If you have any problems with the new system - or discover a bug then please report it directly to me (matt@profounddecisions.co.uk) and I’ll get it sorted.

Me and the game team have actually been discussing this update on and off for a long time, but although it’s a fairly minor rules change it actually required a surprisingly large rewrite to the database schema and website code to support it. As a result I haven’t had the four months needed to implement it before this year. We’ve got some more ideas planned for the future and we’re also working on a major overhaul to the whole website to update it visually and improve the layout and make it more responsive and accessible. That’s going really well and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you all once it’s ready.