Cheap sources for comfortable Navarr style trousers


Hi, just wondering if anyone has a seller they could recommend for trousers specifically was hoping to get them a little cheaper than £30 each that I have seen in most places.


Plain green linen trousers can be found pretty cheaply and should work great for Navarr. I picked up my set 8 years ago and they’re still going strong as larp trousers. Add a thin pair of thermals underneath and they’ll handle cold weather as well.


I got my trousers on amazon for £15 from StyleDome and love them, I looked for Harem pants that were green and there are lots of different options out there that are unisex.


A year or so ago I remember one of the official traders at the event making simple trousers on the spot, for some very low price… maybe a tenner? I don’t know if he’s still attending, or still doing that offer, but it could be an option.


Mark from Romany Robes was selling simple trousers for £10 or £15.