Cloaks and the League

I impulse bought 2m of black wool a few days ago and whilst waiting for it to arrive, I’ve been trying to think of a pattern for a full length cloak that would fit the costume brief for the League but coming up a bit short. I already have a half cape, but I want something that would keep me warm and dry. Would a standard cape still work for the League if I got a nice clasp and did some embroidery on it? I am very open to suggestions on other things that would fill a similar function that I could make with the wool

Not a leaguer, but perhaps something like this:

Holberg and Temeschwar are both fairly northern cities, and even in the cities some acceptance must be made to the cold and the snow, A bit of fur, brocade and velvet are all called out on the costuming page as appropriate. Use it to show off your wealth and you’ll not stray too far.


Maybe a zimarra? Pile on the trim and put a nice lining in the sleeves and you’re warm and stylish.

The diagram calls for 3.5 yards, but if you shorten it to Anvil length and make rectangular hanging sleeves rather than the balloon ones I think you could squeeze it out of your 2m.


As a (sometimes) cloak wearing Leaguer, I would suggest not worrying too hard. Personally I have a couple of full length cloaks and tend to find that I only wear them in the really horrid weather/cold. In those circumstances, no-one thinks a pretty standard cloak is anything other than what it is - a very practical garment stopping you and your underlayers becoming miserable.

The big thing to avoid is any kind of brooched cloak, as that is very typical of Wintermark or some other nation, whereas an ideal League cloak will probably be buckled or tied (I think buckled looks better myself, as it gives a slight hint of urban manufacturing). Of my various cloaks, my absolute favourite for the League isn’t too complex at all, but it is a little bit shorter than some - only comes to knee length, rather than down to the calves or ankles. That achieves everything I want in a cloak, but the slightly shorter length gives it a faint cape-like air that feels a bit more League-y.