Cloaks and the rain

hi, i am going to empire for the first time this year, and i am wondering where i can get a waterproof cloak, or failing that, how do i make one? I am being Urizen.

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also, off topic, would black combat trousers be appropriate IC, or would i have to find something more of the period?

Do you have a picture of the trousers? If they don’t look appropriate then you may need to add material over the top. If you wear robes then that should cover the top half and then you just need to worry about the bottom half. If you are wearing armour around that area then that should solve that problem. If they really don’t look suitable then you can either look for some that are (charity shops are great places to find things cheap) or get material and make some. It isn’t too hard to make basic trousers, you just need a template for the basic shape and you can do that by putting baking paper around yourself and tracing the design then putting it on the material and cutting around.

I find my costume works quite well against the weather and it hasn’t been water proofed. If the cloak is thick enough, it should be fine, however you can get sprays and stuff like that, which you can use to water proof things. That would probably be easier. I would imagine that a lot of the water proof cloaks you will find are made out of synthetic materials.

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, I’m sure a quick internet search will find you what you want, the only thing about getting what you want that takes time is finding it cheaply and that is usually down to luck and perseverance.

Real wool or a high percentage blend is incredibly waterproof if you can make a cloak out of it, failing that old army surplus blankets and the like can double as cloaks with a nice pin. Bonus of natural fabrics is that they don’t catch on fire as easily either!

Failing that you can buy waterproofing sprays that will give your clothing/cloak water resistant properties.

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The main problem with combat trousers is the pockets show. If you have a long enough robe you might be OK, but if you can find something better between now and the event that would probably be easier for you to look the part. If possible you want pale colours for urizen, try the charity shops, or supermarket pajama pants will work, you can always put something else underneath them after all.

Waterproof cloaks are possible, either with a layer of gortex sandwiched in between or waxed cotton. Both will be quite heavy, and are generally best bought so that all the seams are leak proof also.

However good wool will also keep most of the weather out, is warm while damp anyway and generally looks the part.

For playing Urizen try for a hooded robe rather than a cloak, it should give you a more nation appropriate silhouette if you can.

There is also nothing against finding one of those thin waterproofs and wearing it under your top costume layers.

Of course if it actually tips it down everyone just stands in a tent for a bit, yours, a group tent, or one of the communal PD ones (Civil service hub, senate, the pub, or Hall of worlds etc), and waits for it to pass over. most heavy rain is passing, sometimes drizzle hangs around a bit longer but wool copes with that.


Black combat trousers aren’t ideal as they have a very distinctive, modern shape with the pockets. In Urizen a lot of what you wear on your legs will be partially covered by robes, so if they’re what you’ve got it’s ok.

If you want to aim a bit higher, try supermarket chinos - give it a month or so and they’ll start getting them in for spring, and they usually come in some nice pale shades like cream and light tan. Or ‘hero pants’ (also called larp trousers, viking trousers, Rus trousers), of which there are plenty on eBay - they are full down just below the knees and then gathered into a laced cuff that covers the shin. An iconic bit of kit for Varushka, but in pale shades and mostly hidden by robes, perfectly good base layer for Urizen.


So cloaks of various pedigrees can be purchased from most larp suppliers. Making one can be good fun and Thiers plenty of guides and patterns online (just Google it). What does need to be mentioned iscifvyiu want to make a sufficiently durable one the price between buying one from a trader and doing it yourself isn’t going to be huge (probably 20-30 quid tops). Waterproofing is relatively simple. Most outdoor/camping stores will sell something called nix wax. It can either be sprayed on or washed into your cloak depending on which kind you buy and makes it waterproof. The more you add the more resistant it becomes.

As for the combat pants avoid. a set of black or brown Primark jogging bottoms are a much better shout and wont be remarked upon if your on a budget.


ok, thanks that pretty much covers all i need to know for this.

Velvet glove do a pair of cotton drawstring trousers in a colour of your choice for £23. My Urizen Sentinel has 2 pairs :relaxed:

I have a coat lined with waterproof fabric.

Thanks, that’s a great piece of kit, I will probably get some

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I have found a cloak I like, and I will probably get that and waterproof it

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I’d recommend plain pyjama sets rather than jogging trousers. You can get a matching top and you don’t get the modern-looking elastic bottoms. you can hide the pocket or collar of the top with your upper layer.