Collecting the Dead of Reikos - Down Time Option before E3 2

Hello all!

So I checked in with PD about how the “Retrieving the dead with SMUs” plot was going to work with the “Mushroom Kingdom Invades” plot in Reikos.

Matt has been as helpful and timely as he usually is and has confirmed that we still need to send at least 10 SMUs to Reikos to retrieve / bury the dead. The reasoning is that the Mushroom Invasion occurs through the season, with the end result only coming to ahead and becoming public knowledge long after the SMU’s would be under orders.

So we’re still on! Anyone therefore who intends to send their military unit to do the difficult task of retrieving and burying the dead in reikos needs to select “Paid Work” and then “Collect the Dead” options for their military unit’s Downtime orders via the PD web interface - as per: … e=575B9D75

Remember, we need at least 10 units for this.

For those who want IC correspondence on this please PM me.

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