Colours associated with each of the Virtues?

Very random, I know! But are there colours associated with each of the Virtues?

The answer is yes, however what those colours are is dependent on the Nation of the person you ask.

I know that Urizen has one set of colours used during their flower festival and I believe that system clashes hilariously with the Dawnish flower festival that goes on at the same time.

You might be better served by asking on your Nation forum whether that Nation has one and, if not, making your own one up… then pushing it over all those silly foreign sets. :wink:

A relevant thread from the past Do virtues have colours associated with them

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So the only info we have so far is…

Inquisitor Priests of Highguard
Priests who embrace an inquisitorial role often use the image of the Basilisk Awake – a lizard with terrible red eyes that legend says can strike the unworthy dead with is piercing gaze.

But this mention of the red eyed lizard doesn’t directly relate to the virtue of vigilance, as any priest following any of the virtues can be an inquisitor?

Symbols and Trappings of Vigilance
The Path of Vigilance has many symbols across the Empire, but one of the most common is The Tower…Along similar lines, another common symbol of the path is a Bell to symbolise the means of sounding a warning…

The tower and the bell it contains as the symbol of the virtue of Vigilance, but what colours do these bring to mind? The tower, but what material is it made of? Stone or Wood? The many shades and colours of stone, and the tones of brown in wood, which are the colour of vigilance. And what of the Bell, cast in metal, poured from glass, sculpted from stone? Once again, so many tones and shades, golds / yellows, silvers / greys, clear / white…?

Symbols and Trapping of Courage
Many who follow a less martial form of courage use the Blue Rose as a symbol, in memory for the influential role it played in Gilda Ashwine’s tale of unwavering resolve.

So for the virtue of Courage we have a definite colour mentioned, in the Blue Rose.

Symbols and Trappings of Ambition
The Path of Ambition has many symbols and icons across the Empire, but one of the most common and prevalent is Flame. This is not only symbolic of Tian’s quest to steal the fire of the sun, but fire possesses many of the qualities of purest ambition.

Ambition has the image of a flame and sun, so can we deduce that the colour associated with the vitue of Ambition is Yellow?

Symbols and Trappings of Loyalty
The Path of Loyalty has many symbols across the Empire, but one of the more common ones is a Chain…Along similar lines, a Rope of many strands or two interlinked Rings are also common symbols.

Ropes and chains for the virtue of Loyalty, but what colour do we associate with these? The rusty brown of an iron chain, the straw yellow of rope…many options.

Symbols and Trappings of Pride
Flags, banners, icons and heraldry are all strong symbols and trappings of the Path of Pride but often depict that in which the Priests and Pilgrims have pride. Some wear the symbol of the Sun as a symbol of letting one’s light shine openly for the world to see.

Pride, a tricky one with so many colours that could be associated with it. Again the Sun is mentioned, another virtue with the colour Yellow?

Symbols and Trappings of Prosperity
The Path of Prosperity has many symbols across the Empire but one of the most common is the Wheatsheaf…Along similar lines an Apple or a Cup or a Coin are known symbols of this Path.

The colour of summer and the harvest, rich reds, golden yellows, vivid greens…the cup and coin, may be wrought in the bronze of the Empire’s coins? The many rich colours ving for the virtus of Prosperity…gold, silver, copper, red…?

Symbols and Trappings of Wisdom
…more widely accepted symbols are scales as used by Kala to weigh and measure the world, and a lantern as used by Isenbrad to illuminate the cave in which he carved his secrets in runic form…

What of the virtue of Wisdom’s associated colour? What are scales made of? Metal. But what colour, this depends on the metal mix and if any overlay has been applied. So we move on to the lantern, but what is it made of? Metal, wood, stone…

What are the colours that the nations associate with the virtues? Or the lineages? Or the mages? :smiley:

The Urizen flower code associates flowers to virtues (although not the blue rose, we missed that one when setting it up!)

Red is for Courage; never let yours cease,
Yellow for Prosperity; may your wealth increase,

Green is for the Vigilant; with sharp and wary eyes,
Blue is for Loyalty; the net of all your ties,

Purple for Ambitious folk; who’ll see their great works done,
Pink to fill your soul with Pride; shining like the sun,

White stands for Wisdom; knowing never to assume,
Now pass the Virtues round the Spires
And see how bright they bloom!

It all comes down to a very simple colour system:

**Vigilance **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. From its position of vantage the sun sees all, and by its light lets others do so too.

**Courage **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. Courage burns, and the fiercest heat is that of the sun on a cloudless day

**Ambition **-the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. Apart from being symbolic of Tian’s quest to steal the fire of the sun, the sun rises highest in the sky and is seen and recognized by all.

**Loyalty **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. The sun can be depended upon to rise and set every day. Its light helps all people achieve their own goals. What more reliable and helpful symbol of loyalty can there be?

**Pride **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. Sunlight shines brightest of all lights, and the golden glow makes all things look their best.

**Prosperity **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. Where is the farmer without the sun? How can a craftsman see to wield his tools? They are nothing without the sun.

**Wisdom **- the gold of the sun, set in a blue sky for maximum contrast. None but a fool could ignore the sun’s symbolism of illumination, elucidation and so forth.

By displaying a golden sun on a blue field therefore, one proclaims one’s adherence to all the Virtues at once :slight_smile:

Dawn! :laughing:

Based on how Dawn did a flower code my guess would be, the Dawnish colour scheme is probably based on the heraldic colours of the last champion of virtue for that particular virtue.

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In Wintermark the Swan is the bird of Pride so my stormcrow wears white instead of black.

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