Combat-Mage Tips

So; what’re people’s tips for fighting as a combat mage?

My planned build involves having four hits (with no cleave/impale resist obviously), fighting with a rod and shield with the weakness and shatter spells, possibly picking up more spells as I go.

Looking primarily for tips on how to stay alive, but advice on how to be cool/effective also welcomed!

I don’t play one myself, but there’s been a couple of threads recently…



Any use?

Speaking as a Rod and Shield battlemage the main thing I’d advise is learn how to read the battlefield and aware of what’s going on as even with a shield you are vulnerable and not a front line fighter.

You might duck in and out of the front line but if anyone starts shouting shields to the front ignore them unless things have gone really south and there’s no where else to go.

You might want to look at teaming up with another mage or two with a similar skills set as say with a mage with repel you can screw a light shield wall, well if you’re with a bunch of warriors who know how to exploit the opening you’re going to cause.

Being a battle-mage is all about waiting for your moment and the exploiting it with everything you’ve got, then hightailing it out of there until you can resupply for another go :slight_smile:.

I’d work on trading your mana crystals, if you have a mana site, for Mage Blood potions as you should get more personal mana out of that on balance.

I’d also look at trading some of your Mana Crystals for some crafted Mage Armour, a Shield and a Rod. My personal loadout is a Sunfire Pectoral, an Oakheart Shield and a Mazzarine Spindle but if you were going pure offensive I’d swap that wand for something else.

Oh something fun I’ve just found out about, see if any Winter Mages you know will cast Crumbling Flesh and Withering Limbs as people don’t expect a battle-mage to be throwing out cleaves :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can persuade someone to cast Coil of the Black Leech on you, which is a bit more difficult yes, you’ll have a fun battle :slight_smile:.

And don’t forget tonics like Oakhide Tonic if you can afford one as it all helps.

Another tip: make sure that you have a unit (people you fight with) and that they know you are a mage, not a fighter. If someone sees you get hit with a cleave, they will know to pull you out to the healer because you can’t shrug it off as easily as a fighter.

In fact, get to know a healer. Knowing your designated healer is both big and clever.