Comfortable Greaves


I’m glad you got the reference.

Also the first part of your comment perplexes me more then it should. Is it a reference and you are making the just that references are tricky while doing one? Is it something that actually happened?

I understand it can be hard to get a compliment out correctly. I accidently called one of my friends a walrus when I was trying to compliment her on her internet skills which were far beyond mine.


That’s not a reference, that’s a report of an incident, showing that what you mean, and what you say to express that meaning, can be wildly different in tone and interpretation.

You can have an opinion, try to express it, say something inadequate with clashing body language and voice tone, and produce a meaning utterly different from what you intended.

On the internet this is even easier, due to the lack of body language or voice tone.

A guideline I found (possibly on XKCD):

Before you hit “post” on anything, imagine it being said to you in a sneering and condescending voice. Then see if it’s worth posting.


That sounds like a very good idea. I think I will try and implement it. Thank you.