Comfortable Greaves

I borrowed someones steel greaves (with padding) at E3, but they were uncomfortable, and I was told this was the norm with greaves/leg armour. Either they were too tight, or they fell down - but i can’t imagine that everyone dislikes their leg armour.

What kind of leg armour do people like?

Hmmm if they fit you they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. What kind of padding did you have, I had something like this on under mine and if they were strapped on enough they were fine. Something else to look at might be punching additional holes into the leather straps so you can get them tight enough to stay up but not enough to be uncomfortable.

if you’re buying your own, it’s worth trying some on if you’re doing it at a game so you know they fit. I borrowed some last event that were too big on me and I had to take them off about 10 minutes once we got through the gate :).


I prefer poly armour for lower leg protection, with the same padding Mark linked to underneath. It doesn’t fall down as easily, is less tiring to run in, is less likely to be driven into my kneecap, and still counts as medium so protects against cleaves.

I use Mytholon Markward greaves with Mytholon Leopold pads under them, and have no bothers. I know another solution for under-armour padding is horse bandages, I’ve not tried it myself though. Replace the cord that comes with the pad with bootlaces though, as e1 mud led to a knot that had to be cut with the original crappy cord.

I used to have these dense rubber long greaves with rabbitskin lining… until they turned on me and took a kneecap with them. Then I wore shinguards from White Rose Armouries, with their padding. Good value, solid stuff.

Getting the right stuff is tricky, but it is very useful.

I also find leg armour the first thing I discard, given a choice, as I tend to wear mine rather tight.

Do you now shout out at random people ‘You have a woman’s knee, I bet that knee was never taken by rubber long greaves as you fought of twenty orcs with nothing but a quill’?

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Not at Empire because Gendered language is out of setting and Women are just as commonly soldiers as men.


I know but the reference wouldn’t make sense if I said ‘you have a person’s knee’.

Should I remove what I said? I was just making a light hearted reference but if it is a little much I’m fine with deleting it.

For people who were unaware, its a reference to an episode of black adder (a very funny british comedy from yesteryear, I heartily recomend it if you haven’t seen it)

I am doubtful that @IWillGetThingsRong was planning on actulally shouting this at anyone.


Thank you for coming to my rescue. I hope your explanation has made sure there are no miss understandings.

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

@Mark_Wilkin that link link looks good - they look a lot better than the padding the greaves I had, had on them.
@random_corsair I forgot about that - the motivation is that when dawn were over extended at their E3 battle I got cleaved (on the thighs) whilst in no mans land- and was very lucky last time a freind ran forward and pulled me back to a medic.
@Bradstyley just looked - those look really good. I might go for them!
@Geoffrey_Willoughby wow, those look incredible. Idon’t know if i could ever aford something like that for a hobby. Whats the story behind rubber greaves and your kneecap and is there a way I could prevent it from happening to me?

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Its hard to come into a new group of people and fit in. I was really fortunate that they’ve all been so nice to me here - but I don’t think I’ve been adventurous enough to make a joke yet; and making people laugh -espescially through the internet is hard, so I really have sympathy for anyone who puts their foot in their mouth in front of new people - God knows I have.

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(My current shinguards from White Rose I got 'cos they were cheap? Maybe £20?)


I bought these greaves, they fit from ankle to over the kneecap, and looked like boiled leather. Black, with a coiled gold dragon on the knee.

Following previous injuries (non-larp), I generally wore a knee brace under these to protect my kneecap and act as extra padding.

One evening, a a local LARP system, I had a duel to fight as my combative character who wore these. In a hurry, I did not wear my knee brace. And in my duel (vs Drac, a very skilled fighter), he got a blow on my knee at just the right angle to cause the whole thing to turn, the impact also knocking the kneecap. At this point my kneecap, with a “squerck” sound, moved round to the side of my knee, and I feel over screaming.

I popped the kneecap back into place, and spent the rest of that evening at hospital, and the rest of the month on crutches.

I lost the duel, and there were extensive IC ramifications… but that is another story :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry to hear that. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I’m glad it hasn’t phased you.

Owch @Geoffrey_Willoughby but thanks for reminding me that I was going to get some elasticated knee pads/knee brace to stick under my IC trousers. As they’re a super pro move even if you don’t have a dodgy knee :slight_smile:.

Another advantage of those pads is they really help keep your arms and legs warm at a cold event! make sure you lace the leg pads with the knots at the top to avoid mud. You’ll need a girding buddy to tie the knots on the arm pads.


I’m sort of known among my friends as not always thinking before I speak. I don’t try and offend people (even though I can’t say the same about some of those people) but it would just come out wrong. I’m still learning with my social skills but I think that the world is so bleak, it is best to try and have a chuckle and have to learn from it, then miss the opportunity but that is my opinion. Thank you again for being so welcoming and understanding.


Ah, you’re fine. A memorable gaff at LARP:

“Come on Alexia, I’ll apply your warpaint, and make you even more beautiful!”
(What I thought:) “Ah, she is already stunning, you will have to work damn hard to make her more beautiful!”
(What I said:) “Good luck!”


And references can be tricky… I got it…


Empire started the next year, and my first character, because of this, was not a front line fighter. With proper PPE and better leg armour, my second one was. :slight_smile:

From my (albeit limited) experience. Armour fails tend to be due to not enough or incorrect padding. Knee cops and leg armour will stay a lot better with something to sit on. I have also heard of horse bandages working, for heavier metal greaves I use a mythlon padded leg guard laced up tight (although use 2 laces, top half and bottom half to get a more comfortable fit).