Company of the White stag

I’m thinking of making my character a Changling warden and I wanted to know more about the company of the White stag, who are they, what do they do, do they exist as a group within empire (if not would I be able to start said group?) and so on :relaxed:

There definitely were some, but there have been quite a few deaths in Varushka over the last year…

PD might know?

The Company of the White Stag - as detailed on the Varushkan lineage page - do not currently exist as an active player group. I do not know if PD are using them as an NPC group for plot purposes - that would be an email PD and ask situation.

The Company of the White Flame are an active Varushkan coven. I suspect this is who Laura’s thinking of.

I just meant changelings in general. I wish I knew that much about Varushkan groups as you give me credit for… :slight_smile:

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Apologies for thread necromancy… did any further info about the Company of the White Stag come out? Is this a current group?

Same advice as before; Email PD to get a definitive answer.

From reading this section of Varushkan attitudes to lineage the fact that there are “several chapters” of this society active suggests to me that they’re set up to allow players to run one or two of them as their group. Worth emailing PD to see what they say.

I asked PD about the Company of the White Stag and got the following response -

“You can play a member of the Comany if you wish - they are a loose affiliation”

So I guess I will. Any other White Stags out there?

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The impression I always got was that Company of the White Stag was as much a meme as an organisation. Everyone’s heard of them, small chapters flare up and burn out. A handful of changelings decide they want to fight Wolves, maybe inspired by the White Stag, and there’s no local chapter, so they start one.

Of course, there’s no local chapter because it was wiped out a decade ago, and the same thing will happen again in a decade’s time.

Varushka, baby.