Completely new player, never played. Need info and help

Straight up, never LARPed ever, always wanted to. I know very little and have no friends who do it or who are willing to do it with me meaning ill be going into this on my ow. For this reason i want to go in knowing as much as possible so i don’t do too much wrong and be alone in the noobness. Looking at the nations etc i would like to create a Wintermark character. Now i know it’s very clear they are not Vikings but i am a huge fanboy of that sorta stuff. Would i be able to create a character that is pretty much a Viking but doesn’t follow the Nordic beliefs etc but is still basically a Viking. Now as i’m sure that’s not a problem is brings me to other questions. This character would be this bloodthirsty warrior type. Loves getting in fights and comes off as reckless. Ideally i would love to use two axes in duel wield. After reading the rules on fighting, a flurry of attacks isn’t the ideal way of going about it all. Would two axes actually be viable for a new player like myself? Or would i just die in my first fight? I have like a million other questions too so anyone who could assist would be greatly appreciated

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I can’t answer most of your questions however what I will say is this… If you can write with both hands simultaneously writing different things you can fight with both hands, that I got taught when I attempted it with a professional coach. It’s very difficult to use two weapons at once, so best to get practicing!

Make sure you read the wintermark pages on the wiki carefully. There is certainly a lot of Norse dna in especially the Steinr Brief but its certainly not a carbon copy. I think its really going to depend on what you want out of the norse character. The idea of the fur clad warrior with a belief in leaving behind a saga is certainly there but this will really depend on what attracts you.

Dual wielding can be a difficult combat style, you have to keep track of both blades and you lack a shields defense against arrows. Really its up to you, Where do you live? lots of places have groups that practice larp fighting. Note also axes have the issue of 'catching weapon and knowing how to react to that safely is important.

As it goes semi-reckless fighter isn’t a bad starting point for a character (Courage is a Virtue after all) but make sure to think about what you want to be doing off the battlefield as this is much more of your event than on. Who are you when you’re not fighting

Remember the New Player talk when you do come and remember everyone was new once… and please ask all the questions you want to.

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I live in a place called Chesterfield, its near sheffield way. I’m only 18 right now and still haven’t passed my driving test so getting around is a little hard but if you do happen to know of any places where i can practice i’d be totally up for going.

Duel wield is OK but I tend to use one as a sword and the other as a block, so in general I prefer sword + shield over duel wield.
I liked duel wielding (with a long 1H sword) from behind a shield wall as well, second row, darting in over the top to take advantage of gaps in the opposing wall. Some of the benefits of having a shield (second weapon) without having to physically carry one. It gives you some versatility.

The other thing is: practice pulling your blows; aim to tap firmly, not hit. If you have done a bit of practice, when in the heat of combat you are less likely to forget and potentially hurt or injure someone OC.

There is no harm as making your first ever LRP character simple and with a low life expectancy. You will have a lot to absorb at your first event. When mine died after an event and a half the one I rolled up to replace her was infinitely more fun because I’d got a handle on how to LRP and how I wanted to have fun.

And as a place to start on the wiki, here’s some links:


Dual wielding is pretty hard to pull off in my experience. One weapon is used to block, the other to strike (but the beauty is, you can switch which you block and strike with with each blow).

As a new LARPer you will need to practice combat a lot to get it right, and to learn how to fight safely.

However, if you can get it right, dual wielding is pretty fun and a great for skirmisher characters.

Duel wield isn’t as easy as it sounds. Very few are naturally able to use two hands independently in a duel wield, if I may suggest a shield and axe to start might be easier for you to learn, Vikings tended to use shields more often than not. I did Viking re-enactment. Spears were also more predominant. The best way to learn to use them is to practice though so go for it. If you choose duel wield go for it but get as much practice as possible.

but also depends on what level of fortune you are as a Viking, Vikings did use swords, they used axes, they would use what ever was to hand, Irregular props and eldritch do a lot of custom weapons and maybe able to do you some awesome Viking like weapons…


Also bring extra layers for under yourself when you go to sleep to keep warm.

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I am ambidextrous, I can write with both hands so I’m hoping that’s going for me in terms of dual wielding. What else would I have to take into account outside of combat exactly?

Combat happens for a couple of hours each day (one where you play your character, the other where you monster for the other side ). While there are occasional opportunities for smaller skirmishes during the day, in general you will be free to do things other than fight.

What else would you like to get involved in; religion, politics, magic, trading? I’m always slightly biased towards the Synod as a place to find game as my first two Empire characters found a lot of fun there, but people tell me one can have fun outside the Synod… :wink:

The main part of the event has a load of religion, magic and politics going on. I suggest looking at the Wintermark archeypes of Stormcrow, Runesmith, Mystic, Icewalker etc to see if there’s a brief that appeals to you. Then play that up and engage with its bit of the game.

It’s also worth starting off with single sword in order to learn good technique. Not having a second weapon to attack with means you need to concentrate on dodging, parrying, timing and safety more. Plenty of people can help you train up a bit. It’s a more common style, so it’s easier to find a teacher.

Using a buckler doesn’t cost any skill points and is a cheap prop to buy. They cost about the same as a shortsword, and you’ll learn a lot more about parrying when the thing in your off-hand is only useable for that. After you have the hang of hitting with a larp weapon, then go on to two at once. it helps prevent bad habits like aggressive flailing.

I fight with two weapons both occasionally in LRP and in a martial art I do, and I always go back to one handed practice to sharpen up my basic skills.

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I haven’t looked at the archetypes, but I was thinking that he would be a hunter/farmer type. What fits that? I do intend to make him very religious but I don’t know a huge amount on the faith right now

Virtuous citizens GO!

I have a lot of fun not being a priest but turning up to the virtue assembly meetings anyway, in general they are happy to have non-priest citizens turn up to most meetings.

You can always choose to take Dedicate in play if you want to further down the line. Maybe get yourself apprenticed to someone you admire.

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I I would 2nd the idea of trying buckler and sword, as having one to pick up when needed is great. I use a polearm and I have a sword and buckler as a back up.
Read up the basics of the religion brief, and then get a priest ic to go through it. Much more fun.

So, the thing that springs to mind is similar to LauraH:

  • Take a Farm as you personal resource. This gives money.
  • Read up heavily on one of the Virtues, have a vague look at the rest. You can basically ignore the Further Reading for a bit and just know “the Synod makes religious decisions”
  • Go and find a Stormcrow and say “Hi, I was thinking of becoming a Stormcrow. Can you help me?”. Or ask them how best to be a pilgrim of your favourite virtue. Get a second or third opinion because where you find two Priest PCs you’ll have three opinions and four arguments ;). The Way is made for debate.

I know wintermark are specifically NOT vikings. Which basically means they are so similar that they have to state they’re not actually them. My character will basically be a Viking without being one. In terms of religious beliefs I want it to be similar to Norse mythology. There are multiple gods, they dictate what will happen. And that plan is already laid out. That kinda thing. Are there any religions in game that are similar?

Aaah. Simple answer? No.

The idea is that we ourselves make stuff happen, we dictate our futures. Gods? Pffft, who needs gods when we have our own souls?


I could still stick with the whole, everything is for a reason mentality though?

I think if you’re going for Wintermark then the concept of Skein is a good one to go for - the idea that your path is not fixed at birth but is shaped by the choices you make as you go through life.

There’s a really good bit here that I think could work well:

According to the mystics, once the skein has been forked then it cannot be reversed. A person’s skein can only be travelled one way; decisions cannot be undone, so it is foolish to dwell on any decision once the choice has been made. By accepting that your skein is fixed, you can commit yourself to your course and make the best of what has been decided. By travelling forwards along your skein you can hope that the future will bring opportunities to make more auspicious choices.

So not so much “all my choices were made for me beforehand”, but “I have made my choices, I will live with them, and I will make my choices well in the future”.


You should really go and read the Wintermark nation brief. Although they have a similar visual style they are very different to vikings.

From the national brief:

The Steinr are inspired by the Saxons and the Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings and they follow the Imperial Religion. There are no longships, raiders or horned helmets, and Thor and the Norse pantheon are actively excluded from the brief.

The religion in game is very different to theistic religions. If you turn up to Anvil and start talking about ‘gods’ you will get in trouble pretty quickly. Have a read of the basic religion page here:


That is best avoided, because it is the False Virtue of Hope. The idea that a benevolent power is guiding things is blasphemy to the Imperial religion.

From an OC point of view, the Way can be crudely summarised as Do The Thing, Use the Stuff, Tell People About It.

Virtue is about making your own destiny. Letting an inhuman force make choices for you is a specific religious crime of Idolatry.

So you could play at “divining some omens” by casting runes, but what you might make up from that is “This is how to take my best shot to be Courageous today”. Not “this is what Fate wants me to do”.

The Wintermark Skein is about owning your decisions and committing to their consequences, not about predestination.

That said, if you want inspirational figures, the religion has “saints” of a sort in the Exemplars and paragons. People who were so good at Virtue they serve as shining examples you can put on the setting equivalent of a What Would Jesus Do? bracelet.