'Conspiracy theories' of Empire

Which bits of commonly known lore on the wiki might be wrong?

I was thinking about this as regards the Empress Varkula (long may she sleep). That story about her dying on the Throne then only being approached after 3 days is cute, but surely hides or alludes to a different story given her tomb. (Was she deposed? Are They still in charge? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!)

Which other bits of lore might be fun to base conspiracy theories on?

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Maybe not so much of a conspiracy, but Emperor Walter’s death is very interesting.

The Vard and Steinr never “fell from the stars” but are the creation and secret tools of one or more Eternals.

The trolls that dwelt in Wintermark and Urizen are not long dead but quietly controlling both nations from the shadows.

Emperor Nicovar was right. He burned the libraries to destroy the false histories perpetuated by Them when he couldn’t take being Their puppet any longer.

Wisdom is a false virtue, established by Them to slow the path of humanity to greatness. You can’t learn from a history that They rewrite; don’t think, just act.

The Axou steal souls that are on their way to the Labyrinth, interrogating our finest minds for information and forcing our greatest warriors to fight for them.

The Liberty Pact is designed to slow the empire’s rise to greatness. By forcing humans to grub in the soil ourselves, we have less time to spend on higher matters, weakening us while the troglodytes literally undermine the whole empire in a plan to bring our civilisation crashing down. The big hole is proof.


This very very much feels like a conversation that should be had on the field and only on the field.

With a moderator hat on, I think it’s okay to put down some cool ideas here but I would agree that discussing them in any detail should be saved to have those delicious conversations on the field.



I was thinking of this as sort of a “what are some interesting bits of the wiki which you could use to RP off of” question, but I see your point.

Happy to scrub the post if the mods prefer?

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I must object to the ‘long may she sleep’ conjecture here. I would personally like her back asap. Come and see me at Anvil and I will explain the conspiracy…

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Well here’s a few “conspiracy theories” from the wiki that I wish would get more play :slight_smile:



https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Axos_religion (it’s out there, I just think it’s cool)

And likewise all the Abraxeus stuff is very much in play but one detail of “just what happened at his trial and why was it made secret” I find to be quite fun - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Abraxus#...And_Fall.


Conspiracy theory I want to see = more on Cardinal Asher’s death
(see https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/mediawiki-public/images/f/f9/Echoes_of_the_Labyrinth_4.pdf )
Was he really virtuous, or was it a trick of Sadogua? :wink:

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