Costume feedback for a newbie

Hiya all i’m newly getting into larp and would like feedback on a costume ive put together until i can afford to get some specific things

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Firstly, welcome to the hobby, the game, and these forums :slight_smile:

That looks like a light flouncy shirt and a colourful over-robe?

Good starting soft kit (soft as distinct to “hard” kit, which is things like armour).

I’m assuming, from that colour scheme, that you’re joining the Brass Coast? If so, that’s a good start.

Some trousers or similar will obviously be needed, but it looks like that robe may be knee-length, so while colourful and baggy is traditional, anything that’s not jeans or black would fill that slot.

Might I suggest:
Some accessories. Belts, scarves, and similar.
Any jewellery (cheap costume stuff, brass and cut glass).

Would you like any tips on where to go hunting for spare costume bits?

Hi thanks for the reply. I havnt quite figured out exactly were i want to start out still reading up on things and seeing what i had already.

any hints on were good for getting bits would be appreiciated

Costume is very nation specific for Empire, so we’ll be better able to advise once you have chosen a nation for your character.

The skirt would fit in the Brass Coast but they don’t wear white if they can avoid it so you would probably want a different shirt if that’s your choice.

Good thing is you have plenty of time before the next event to charity shop hunt if your budget is on the small side, and we can offer suggestions for all nations for basic layers you can get for a few quid, if the items don’t already exist in your wardrobe.

Do remember it is British weather and the evenings get chilly so you will need a layer of warm too, although a basic wool blanket and a big pin will work fine for that! You’ll also want good boots, something ankle supportive with decent grip as the field is uneven and get’s muddy quite easily and having warm, dry feet just makes the whole weekend sooo much better!

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thats fair enough. 2 nations that stuck out to me were the league and wintermark but will look into them all again as only had a quick read so far

The pro-tip for handling UK weather is primark (or better if you can afford it) thermals, just stick them under the rest of your costume :slight_smile:

I’d go through all the Look and Feel pages for the nations and see which ones you like

The Brass Coast | Highguard | Dawn | The League | Wintermark | Varushka | Urizen | Navarr | The Marches

I could see that shirt as part of a League costume, while the League costume brief can be as expensive as you want to make it you can do it cheaply. I think one of the bits of advice I’ve seen is to spend a bit of money on a big floppy hat and a feather and use that as a centerpiece of your look.

If you go onto the League Facebook group and ask for advice on how to create a starting costume on a budget for the League they should be able to give you loads of advice :slight_smile: .

But you can do all the nations on a budget and once you’ve narrowed down which ones you’re interested in we should be able to point you at a bunch of advice and resources :slight_smile: .


As a League player, I have to say that I went to Primark earlier this week and saw they had leggings (a League staple) which they described as ‘warmest ever fleece-lined’ or similar. Even the warmest Summer night, you will appreciate the option of some warmer clothes.

League fashions, being inspired by Renaissance Italy, will often need a couple of extra layers; a cloak, a cape a warm shawl or blanket to cover your shoulders; or else some layers warmer than they look.

Edit: Also, if you can avoid anything too dangly, you will almost always find fires to warm yourself beside.

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thanks for the advise i’ll have a proper look over the weekend when i’ll have more time to read up on things

Theres a great facebook group called High Street Empire lrp that focuses on getting costume from easily available sources for a budget


thanks for the infor after doing some reading im feeling wintermark the most so guess will have to rethink things