Costume requirements


Hi I am new and what is the minimum costume requirements?


Technically, the only costume requirements are “no trainers, no jeans, no t-shirts”.

In reality, it’s nice if people make an attempt at basic kit for their nation, within their budget. Obviously not everyone can afford a bunch of kit straight away, but this page has a bunch of tips about building national costume on a budget


Thanks so just to clarify walking boots are fine?


For urizen


snickers generally not cool.

Costume ends at the ankles but within reason.


Proper walking boots, though, are generally a very good idea for dry conditions - you can expect to be walking a LOT, and that’s just in the main field, before taking battles and such into account. For wet weather it’s good to have something more waterproof; tall hiking boots, riding boots, even wellies, all of those things are are better than wet feet.

Otherwise it’s good to look into your nation’s brief, but as mentioned above it’s perfectly okay to come in fairly basic costume for your first event. A simple shirt or tunic (or robe - I hear Urizen is especially big on robes!) and plain trousers is an excellent base to build upon and upgrade between events.


Walking boots, hiking boots, all sorts of things. As mentioned, costume ends at the ankle, so if it’s warm and waterproof and comfortable, those are your priorities.

I started with my work boots (black and sturdy types), and have recently purchased something like these:

Nolanis is correct; start with the basics, and work up as and when you can. A robe in your spires colours, over plain trousers and a shirt, with maybe a few extras (belt, pendant, jewellery) is a perfectly good kit.

Don’t get intimidated by the photos on the website; those are some of the more photogenic kits, often with a lot of time and money behind their creation. :slight_smile:

There are also a lot of vendors at these events. I wouldn’t buy boots there, but you could probably get a full set of costume for any nation on site, with many options for personal style…


Basically what you’re looking for in boots is

  • Good ankle support
  • Ability to deal with muddy conditions
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Neutral colours


Also make sure you have a plentiful supply of socks so you can change each day or more often if necessary, and make sure you have worn your boots in so they are properly comfortable.


Thanks I think that should be good


Extra, thin socks for sleeping in are also great for keeping warm at night. Comfort trumps IC. If worst come to worst and your tent leaks, Just wear something normal and maybe your robe over it if possible.