Could someone please explain

I have been reading the wiki and some of the forum, and from what I can gather urizen is not in a good way, could someone please explain what happened?

So quickly now (will expand later) multiple barbarian invasions by both the Grendel and the Druj coupled with the activation of the black plateau.

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Or, to put it another way.
1/4 was just recently on fire
1/4 spend more than a year freaking out they would be next
1/4 is now basically Cthulu’s a%$
1/4 has been conquered by the worst barbarians. We dont know how it is for sure, but it can’t be good.


So now i’m home I can look through the history and drag some stuff out more specifically.
The bad things that have happened to Urizen in recent History:

  • 52 Years ago Barbarian forces invaded Spiral from the Broken shore, throwing out, enslaving or killing the residents. At this time a defensive night enchanntment went wrong sending many people mad.

  • Three or so years ago we undid the night effect before it became nation threatening letting the grendel invade all of spiral consolidating their hold.

  • We then fought back conquered most of spiral back but withdrew forces before the job was doneand the grendel retook the region.

  • Then the continued fighting in Spiral overwhelmed the Black plateau sending a maddening aural across the region.

  • At the same time the Druj invaded Zenith burning many of the spires and sweeping across the entirety of.the region including drowning the Golden cascade and trying to burn the halls of Knowledge.

  • The druj pushed on and burnt the halls of Knowledge. Pushing deep into Morrow.
    -Recently forces both Imperial and Eternal, including the Librarians of Phaeleron (see Pool among the rock for the awesome write up)however the Druj still hold Zenith.

  • last season the druj invaded half of spiral, messed around on the Black plateau for a while but have now seemingly left, seemingly…

Add into that a large number of losses amongst our Warrior and the ever present worry that we have only one voice, brilliant as she is, in the Military council and as such at a risk of being forgotten about when there are other threats besetting the empire.

Anything beyond that really starts to get into issues of perception that are best considered on the field.


this is bad…
this is really bad…
this is catastrophically bad…
hides in anvil
i should be safe here…

As a resident of Reikos, all I can say is"Been there, had the flux, got the t-shirt". :wink:

Seriously though, things are bad for Urizen, but Highguard continue to stand by them, and the Empire is rallying around as well.


Eh we’ve had some good stuff as well.

  • We do control Spiral and have a built a way to ‘avoid’ the Curse so we can start rebuilding.
  • We do control all of Morrow again, and have a firm Ally in Phaeleron who is offering us many boons

There was a risky gambit in Spiral to force a peace with the Grendel, unfortunately the Grendel dont care at all about their armies, damn boat fondlers. Though they have backed off a bit, the Druj on the other hand looooove it :smiley:

That’s a very odd way to look at it. The grendel weren’t able to withdraw but have said they don’t want spiral in this condition. It’s less don’t care and more weren’t expecting we’d do it.

Also it wasn’t to force peace, it was to force withdrawal.

The Druj were after something but seemingly left almost immediately.

By the sound of it they wanted pieces of the black plateau to forge weapons from?

Weapons made of black glass that send people insane have shown up in the Barrens Winds of War, so draw your own conclusions there :).

I had not made that connection. That is very Druj…


It’ll be fine.

It’ll be fine.

It’s not like Black Plateau madness (or so I’m told) is somewhat AoE-ish


"The citadel of Solokah had a great collection of unique objects gathered from all corners of the known world. Among them was a certain sarcophagus of black stone. For decades the people of Solokah had striven to understand it, to encompass the knowledge it represented. In the end, they had drawn close. A ritual was planned – my breath stilled at this, at the impending doom so clear in his words – to plumb the secrets of the sarcophagus. From courtesy, and in the hope they might offer insight of their own, emissaries from Urizen were invited to Solokah to observe and to participate if they so wished.

Disaster struck. The Urizen in some fashion disrupted the rite, unleashing the force trapped within the black stone. Madness overwhelmed all the people of Solokha. Murderous madness. Brother fought against brother, parent against child, lifelong friends tore each other apart as the madness spread and multiplied. Only a handful resisted the chaos – a handful of blessed folk who embraced the way of Understanding were able to stand against the delirium that consumed their people. The citadel burned, and the people of Solokah burned with it, and the darkness seeped into the stone and the hills and remains there to this day."