Couple of questions about dawn from someone intending to join

Hey all couple of quick questions

  1. Our group of 4 are going to be first time players due to the lack of resources it seemsis it realistic for all of us to be yeofolk or would we be better off if at least 1 of us was a noble?

  2. Assuming we were all yeofolk and later wanted to create a house how difficult a process is it IC?

  3. I had intended on being a physik and a war witch but starting exp isn’t really enough to pull off both in people’s opinion what’s the most interactive option between physik with some ritual magic or going war witch and then saving exp for physik

  4. As either a physik/heal witch I’d planned to take a fleet as a way to achieve glory since I’m less likely to gain it on the battlefield and would like to play some of the trader game, how likely is it to be able to get lure of distant shores ritual cast at the first event? I realise it would take some trading to get the mana just a rough idea of how difficult that would potentially be bearing in mind that I may sell some drinks/foodstuffs at the event.

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Welcome Killian, to the game, these forums, and indeed to Dawn! :smiley:

  1. I’m assuming you mean a lack of out-of-character resources. Due to Anvil being a meeting of the movers and shakers of the Empire, I would expect at least one member of a Dawnish group to be a noble. If you were all yeofolk, turning up without a noble would be rather unusual… would you, perhaps, be searching for a noble house worthy or your service?

Nobles of Dawn come in all looks, but with a bit of bling (costume jewellery), some shiny costume (accessories from charity shops and on-site vendors), and a defernetial attitude from their hovering yeofolk (you’ll need to provide that yourself) pretty much anyone could be a Noble.

  1. If you turned up as Yeofolk, you would likely be either looking for a House, or already representing one. So you could certainly make up one and claim to belong to it. And then either get promoted “off-stage”, get gifted tests of mettle to work on in play (which would make you Knights Errant) or indeed start new characters as nobles in the House.

In terms of IC mechanics: please check there isn’t someone else with too close a name/colours, and go for it. Do not write yourself a backstory that makes you too big and prominent: Participated in battle X is fine, single-handedly decided battle X is not.

  1. (Mage+ritual lore) + Physic is good, as you can then act as a battlefield medic (in armour?) , and on field as a ritual mage (without armour).
    Alternitively, mage + battlemage+ chirugeon + some extra spells and mana will also give you something to do and a lot of fighting focus (this is pretty much my build), but will need a few more props as well as something more to do on the field between battles.

If you are short on props/resources/equipment then you might want to try with ritual mage/physic, and perhaps develop battle mage later. This will get you participation in a lot of big rituals (especially if you pick Summer Lore), be in demand in the Hospital at all times, and also have a set battlefield role.

Note that PD are very forgiving with “help I am a new player and my character skills are not what I want and I need a reset…” and that you don’t need to spend all your starting points at once.

  1. If you take a fleet, you will get some shinies all the time. Whether or not this will suffice to get Lure of Distant Shores cast on you is (I’m afraid) variable. It’s a great one to do, and you should probably write up the adventure you get as a good story to tell, and there will be quite a few covens willing to cast it (mostly in the Brass Coast), 6 times an event, each. Selling drinks and munchies might earn you a nugget or two of crystal mana, but resources from your fleet or will be more important. You’ll need at least 5 crystal mana. Of course, once you’ve cast it once, if your fleet does pretty well, you should get enough back to get it cast again + a tidy profit… especially if you go trading for crystal mana…

Thanks for the warm welcome.

1.No I actually meant ingame resources I have read about Dawnish nobility and there lack of practical sense when it comes to counting coin and 4 starting players wouldn’t have the resources to play it that well.
Though I’m only speaking for myself at the minute but I did think it would be interesting to try to seek a house and work the characters way up to forming a house one day after serving someone else.

  1. that was a thought but I’d need to talk to the others about off staging seemed more fun to do onfeild though.

  2. Yeah both seem interesting but unfortunately hungry for those early points.

  3. So definitely possible but will require some effort fantastic

Thanks for the advice look forward to seeing you on the field

If you are player characters you have personal resources. 4 x personal resources (fleets, mines, farms, whatever) is a perfectly fat purse to throw around.

All you need for that bit of the brief is the noble at the front buying things stupidly and the yeoman seneschal behind them with a purse and a put-upon expression… :smiley:

If you want to form a house in play, I suggest that you and friends talk about it in play with the national Egregore. They might well give you a Test of Mettle, you complete that and you’re a Lord (?), able to lead your own House and set Tests for your friends.

Or as you say, you join another House in service, obtain a Test of Mettle (or 4!?) from them, and then choose whether or not to break away and form your own House…

  1. Personal resources in your pack each event don’t really determine whether or not you should play nobles or yeofolk. I’d recommend listening to this chat about Dawn and this chat about Dawn’s battlefield game to get a better idea of the role of nobles and yeofolk.

  2. This part of the wiki addresses forming a noble house in play. You would need at least one noble to do so. So, you could ask for a Test of Mettle from another house with the intent to form your own house, rather than joining theirs. I would be upfront about this in your RP.

  3. Magician and Physick are two roles that are often a player’s sole focus because of the large XP costs involved. You could be a Physick with some magical skills like one of the Ritual Lore skills (if you’re going for Witch Weaver/Enchanter) or Spring Lore (if you’re going for a healing-focused Guiser/Enchanter) and be useful, but playing a Magician with more than one Surgical skill, specifically Chirurgeon, quickly eats into your XP that could be spent on more Ritual Lore. Empire’s game design rewards individual specialization and working with others to provide what you lack.

  4. If you want to play the on-field trader game, I’d recommend starting with a Mana Site as crystal mana is quite valuable and can get more valuable as the event goes on. So it’s a good starting trade material at the start of the event. If you’re more interested in off-field trade (RP only), then a Fleet is a fun way to do that. Rituals that provide bonuses to businesses and fleets are only marginally effective, if at all, because of the high cost of crystal mana. They become more effective when you can cast it on multiple people as part of a coven ritual. A business/fleet focused autumn coven could make a few more rings, but not a ton, by casting those rituals on themselves, but would have to trade for their mana each event. There are a few good chats about trade from PD(Part 1 and Part 2) and HeftyYeti.

To address this question more directly, if you can afford the mana (30-35r per crystal, current average) finding someone with Lure of Distant Shores should be fairly easy in the Brass Coast, but less so in Varushka. Explore the field and chat with people. Going to the Regio before a Conclave session would allow you to poke Magicians for more information.

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Combined purse is actually something I never considered and might be a way to go thanks for the idea

Hey thanks for the input

  1. Valid points and I’ll look over both chats thanks

  2. Honestly I must have missed it so thank you for the link. Forming a house was more a long term goal as this will be the first larp we have attended so it’s an if we all enjoy it several events/years down the line thought, I would like to join an established house for a good while to get the feel until I felt comfortable enough to run one.

  3. I had realised that, it was just two aspects I thought I might enjoy so wanted an in play view but valid points for me to consider.

  4. Hefty is great have been watching some of his stuff for a while now, good info thanks, though I intend to go with the fleet for character reasons and sell items I make or purchase ooc as “trade goods” for ic coin mostly just to see if I can

“My lord, I and mine will swear loyalty to your House, but in a few seasons, when I have completed my Test of Mettle, we may leave your banner and raise our own, as befits the calling of our heart at that time! Is this well?”
“It is, and I thank you for the warning of your intentions. Serve well and gloriously, and if you do not stay at our sides, then you may leave as friends and allies thereafter!”


Yeah something like that is exactly my hope with the addendum of “when that time comes I hope that my lord will consider us as as allies on equal standing as we would consider our Lord and their house”

You know I could see a Knight Errant (someone taking their test of mettle) and three yeofolk friends supporting them. It would basically be you doing the plot of A Knights Tale kinda :slight_smile: .

Being a Knight Errant means you wouldn’t look out of place if you didn’t necessarily have the best looking gear or the most expensive IC gear. And like @Geoffrey_Willoughby says if you’ve got Yeofolk, them treating you like a Knight Errant is the best accessory in the world :slight_smile: .

Don’t worry about not being useful skills wise, you and 3 mates with even just basic armour, bucklers and weapons is a powerful multiplier on the battlefield, especially if you can work as a team. And creating a group together means you can support each other, for example one can take Apothacary and the Herb Garden resource and another Artisan with either a Mine or a Forest (depending on which items they’ve taken). They’ll start with 3 of their items to hand around to the rest of the group. And the other yeofolk player could set themselves up as your Senschal, have any skills they want and take either the Farm/Business or Fleet resource. You as the noble could do that as well and just hand the cash/goods over at the start of the game. Their game is then to run around trading and supporting you, while you do the Knight Errant thing. And everyone’s got spare points to take the odd combat skill as well if you all want to fight :slight_smile: . Having a small group who are set up to support each other is totally a power move :slight_smile: .

War Witch wise if you can afford it OOC I would totally go for a staff and handily Mage Armour can be quite cheap to put together (You can do it with a big hero belt with runes painted on it, some bracers and nice headband). I would recommend you focus on the magic and get a friend to do the Physick/Apothacary thing, Empire is a game that rewards specialisation. Also if you’re a War Witch you can get healing magic and Restore Limb is one of the most useful spells in the game for rescuing people. I’d do something like Magician (2), Battlemage (2), Extra Mana (1), Extra Spell x2 (2) and save a point to put into ritual magic if you fancy. Possibly if your Senschal is Guiser you can get some useful small rituals done between the two of you. Battle Spell wise Restore Limb and Repel possibly? Also have a look at Summer Rituals for some handy low rank combat buff spells. If you had a realm at 1 and they had it at 2 you could hit Rank 10 in the Imperial Region with any mastered spells.

If you can create a decent test of mettle for yourself from an off sceen noble house you can ask the Egegore’s of Dawn to adjudicate. Or get the Egregore to set you a test. Make it something that will take a few games to achieve and something of reasonable difficulty and people will be cool with it :slight_smile: You don’t necessarily need to join an established house, I mean everyone OOC started their houses from scratch at the start :slight_smile: .

And I’m sure if you wander round Dawn there will be established groups on the field who’ll be happy to offer you a bit of hospitality and y’know some space under their canvas when it rains anyway. You could also team up with other folk who are playing Knight Errants, especially if there are a bunch of new players all turning up at the same time (next event I’m expecting something of a flood :slight_smile: )

@Geoffrey_Willoughby is it worth them asking for ideas for a test of mettle on the Dawn FB group do you think?

@Killian hope you have a great time at Empire :slight_smile:


I appreciate you taking the time to give your input

At the minute I have no idea what the others are planning other than ones mentioned archery so I’m waiting to see what their plans are, if one wants to be a noble to start this is a moot point really. Just thought I should get an idea just in case. knowing this group though I’d likely end up having to take the role of Senschal or it’d be blown on cake and wine in 15 minutes. Luckily we have time as it’s likely a 2022 e1 debut for us but I do like to make sure I’m informed with plenty of time.

You gave me stuff to bring up to them and think about so thanks a lot.

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Possibly. FB group is here, for reference…

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